If we are working on ourselves inside to continuously learn and change, then our life itself will grow and change with us. Many times I hear people speak of the fear in change which in turn becomes the very block they have on working on themselves inner. They on some level know that when they work on them self that automatically their life will change. As much as they believe they want the change to the more positive in their life, there is still that voice of fear that wants to cling on so desperately to what is comfortable. Even if that means still not truly feeling happy in life, at least it is a place they are familiar with.

Change can be scary, but it depends on how you view change. Maybe in your past whenever things changed drastically it was always after a negative event in life, or what you perceived as negative. Now your unconscious has recorded things have to get chaotic or negative to have great change in life. Change can be an adventure if you change your perspective on the word and event in your life.

I have been teaching about more joyful change for over 17 years now, and even my way of teaching has grown and changed. I look forward each time I grow that everything in my life goes through change. From the people I hang out with, friends, co-workers, and even my work itself and how and what I teach. Even though I embrace and look forward to change it does not mean that I do not have growing pains along the way, but the actual change itself is always worth it. To fear change for me is actually to be fearful of life never getting more rich and wonderful.

Right now in just the last 5 months, change has occurred in a big way. My working team is changing with many not working with me anymore, new people working with me, the launch of the new book and all the change in all the new workshops I am doing. Yes, the growing pains are there, but more in changing all of the organization of things and learning much more about doing the launch of the new book: The Twelve Universal Laws. It appeared to be uncomfortable to learn new technology and to work with a new team but as soon as I looked at it as an adventure, I started to see how things would run smother and better. If I had clung to the idea of how much I would have to learn or do to make the change the change would have felt negative and a struggle. In saying that, even looking at the journey of the changes as an adventure can change the whole energy of how it is walked and the blessings that come from that shift/change.

With the energies as they are today on the planet, change is happening rapidly and WILL happen regardless if you dig your heals in or not. How you walk it, joyfully or not depends on your perspective and how you flow with the universe. Knowing the Laws of The Universe, all of them, not just the Law of Attraction, but all twelve laws assists one to turn the course of their life around and embrace change for the better. It assists one in knowing each perspective of the laws and applying them to manifest the journey you truly want.

As I am growing with the creation of the workshops and the book Twelve Universal Laws ~ The Truth That Will Transform Your Life, I am so excited to share all of this wisdom and be a part of making change joyful by sharing this with the world. I am excited and I am embracing every changing day and every change in life that come with it. I look forward to sharing this great message to the world.

Author's Bio: 

Anne Angelheart has been studying various spiritual and metaphysical practices for more than 22 years. Her studies were supplemented with countless workshops and one-on-one lessons with shamans and religious leaders from a variety spiritual sects.

Using what she had learned through her own studies, Angelheart began teaching others about the workings of the inner and outer worlds. Today she is a transformational coach, lecturer, and teacher.