For all industrial uses like grating and flooring, people have traditionally turned to metals like steel for their proven strength and reliability, while accepting their many flaws and weaknesses. Now, the international rise in prices of metals like steel has caused the prices of many industrial products, such as grating, to rise alarmingly and both managers and accountants are looking for an alternative to these expensive industrial accessories.

This is where a product commonly known as fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) comes into play. GRP has been around for a long time, but advances in its composition and in high-strength molding techniques in recent years have made GRP fittings highly competitive compared to steel fittings in most areas. It also dramatically reduces the prices of raw materials and finished products.

GRP is especially advantageous for all types of industrial applications due to some of its inherent properties. GRP is super strong and very light. It weighs about half that of equivalent steel components and is much stronger than them. It can withstand falling and crushing impacts of much greater force than steel and a great advantage for all factories is that GRP has great resistance to all kinds of chemicals and corrosive substances, unlike steel, which needs coatings, paints and treatments to withstand chemicals and simply. moisture corrosion in air. These treatments cost a lot of money and require many hours of work. Also, they need to be reapplied regularly at least once a year to keep the metal safe. GRP gratings and other accessories require no such care or maintenance, which translates into significant cost and time savings.

Due to its light weight and ease of machinability, GRP is very easy to cut and work. No heat or specially hardened cutting tools, saws or torches are required to work with it. The GRP can also be maneuvered into position without any heavy lifting equipment. Typically, only one or two workers can easily adapt GRP solutions. This reduces costs and the chances of accidents by a large percentage. GRP is also transparent to radio transmissions unlike metals, so less wireless equipment is needed. In fact, things like wireless radios and cell phones will get much better reception in factories equipped with GRP grating and flooring. GRP is truly the material of the future for all industrial applications.

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After the recession period hit the world economy, the various industries around the world decided to focus on ways and means of reducing costs.