Affirmations are positive thinking statements that transform the way you perceive not only your inner reality but also the outer world.

Positive affirmations activate change process more easily and naturally and have great effects on your emotional and psychological state by modifying the way you perceive things and you will start to experience major changes for the better in all areas of your life: fulfilling relationships, improved self image, professional achievements and high level of performance, a more balanced family life, you will achieve optimal health and prosperity, you will become a magnet for all the things you have always desired!

Every thought you have becomes an affirmations and can create real life experience when it turns into a belief. Many of these beliefs work for us and have positive benefits on our life, but others may be working against us because they are dysfunctional and no longer appropriate to our needs and goals, thus enabling us from achieving the things we want.

It is important to realize that many of these inner truths may be based on invalid impressions we constructed at some point in our life, which if examined from an adult perspective, can result as inappropriate. For example, some may experience a major fear of abandonment. For the child this fear was totally justified, but the adult is not aware of the fact that now he/she can outrun a similar situation and dissolve this fear.

Positive affirmations interrupt our mental limiting patterns and replace them with positive, resourceful and loving beliefs. The great news is that everyone gets the opportunity to alter their thoughts and state the most appropriate positive affirmations so that they remain focus on the desired goals.

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Andi is a certified OPMCA / Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioners Board member. He has pursued the passion for spirituality and numerous integrative therapies since 2004. His immersion into meditation and his strong connections with India, continuous study and dedication to mind, body and spirit have led him to a vast knowledge including sacred geometry, macrobiotics, massage, visualization, meditation and breathing techniques.
He offers Reconnective Healing® (in-person and distance sessions), The Reconnection® and spiritual development counselling (in-person and distance sessions).