There are various things that one needs to consider before you buy gold chains. That is because there are numerous fake gold chains, and differentiating them from the quality ones is very hard. Various cases have been reported where the buyers get a low-quality chain. To avoid buying a counterfeit chain, we have researched for you the best tips to choose the best gold chain. The cuban link chain is a particular type of jewelry that is known because of various things such as their thickness, flat faces, link thickness and many more. Some of those tips are;

Gold purity

The gold purity is among the most commonly used test to determine the quality of the gold chain. Since pure gold is soft, it is easy to mark it using a hard tool. Therefore many people test the gold purity by biting the gold chain to see if it will get any starches. You can differentiate a diamond chain from gold by checking the softness of the chain. Diamond is hard to scratch. Therefore if you realize some scratch resistance, you need to know that the metal is not pure gold. When pure gold is mixed with other alloys such as nickel and copper, it colors changes to rose gold or white. Therefore before you buy a gold chain, ensure the gold quality is excellent.

Consider the chain clasp

It is crucial to inspect the chain clasp before you buy it. The chain clasp should be sturdy such that one cannot break it easily. The lobster hold is among the most effective choice one needs to consider. That is because reviews indicate that the lobster hold is secure and closes quickly. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly gold chain, you can consider getting the one with featured ring clasp because they cost a low amount as compared to the lobster hold.

The chain texture

The gold chain texture is another thing that can help you buy a quality gold chain. The chain should be soft such that it will not irritate your skin. Wearing a rough gold chain for several hours can injure your neck. Ensure you run your fingers over the chain surface to know if it is rough.

Size of the chain

When buying menschains, you need to know that the bigger the size, the more the cost. Therefore depending on how you want it to appear, you will be required to choose the appropriate chain size. Finally, it would help if you considered the chain-link type. The link type will determine various things, such as convenient kink and the probability of being damaged. The above discussed are the top tips that everyone needs to know before buying a gold chain.

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