Guilt, in most cases, is not a good thing to have and hold onto. It does not do much more than add to depressed states of thinking. It is an inhibitor for the fact that you want to change for the better. However, it can also be used as a catalyst to do the same. Everything in life is about perspective. How do you see yourself? Is it good, bad, valuable or worthless? From the side of Spirit, we see you as invaluable, as you are a strong link in the chain of harmony and angelic love. The universe would be vastly different without your presence, therefore, we advise you to limit feelings of guilt and insecurity when you may have done something differently in the past.

The past is behind you. We want you to view life in a better way. You cannot become a revisionist to what already happened. Bringing misinformation to your mind and subconscious can be harmful. It is always best to forgive yourself, and to show true remorse if you have erred in a way that hurt someone else. Atonement can be achieved, but feeling relentlessly guilty about whether you made someone's meal the way they wanted, or any other mundane issue, will not help you to grow. The only thing that makes you improve is if you change what you are doing from this day forward. You can make amends for a wrongdoing, but you cannot erase it. Consider it a lesson in life for all those involved.

Perhaps what we really want you to think about is how many times you put yourself down for not being perfect or having done something perfectly. It is when you become your own worst advocate to a joyful life that Spirit needs to step in. All people are granted clemency, in a sense, for their mistakes. Envision, in any way you want, the core of love that shrouds you like the rays of a perfect summer day. Yes, you can improve! Yes, if you have a goal you would like to accomplish then all you have to do is take the first steps to get there! Yes, you have the guiding hand of those in the Light placed gently on your back, giving you the encouragement you need. Allow yourself the time and motivation to be successful beyond the handcuffs that always feeling guilty can place on you. The guiding hand we mentioned has the keys to the cuffs. Ask for them. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a renowned medium and psychic, but considers himself a teacher of spirituality. Although he has been doing most of his work on a more personal basis, Jim's new direction is to try to include more people to understand the simple, yet perfect connection they can have with their loved ones on the other side.

The ability to communicate with Spirits was not something he searched for. In July of 1993, while enduring a very difficult time in his life, Jim was suddenly blessed with being able to speak, see and hear numerous people and higher level souls in the other realm. He openly and actively shares the information he gets with anyone who desires to improve their life.

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at: He is a widely recognized leader in spirituality and posts messages he receives from the other side almost everyday. Short quotes will be on the fan page for The Spoken Words of Spirit on Facebook, as well as on his home page. Longer messages can be read at If you are serious about improving your outlook on life, then take advantage of the opportunities Jim provides.