Putting on the Mask Because of Low Self Esteem

It’s Halloween in the United States, October 31st is fast approaching. I believe there are lessons in Halloween that show exactly what low self-esteem is. This is a time where people like to dress up as other characters, and people. Sometimes these characters are funny, sweet or downright scary. But while it’s ok to dress up on Halloween for fun, remember to remove the mask, and don’t play “dress up” any other day of the week. This is the way you learn how to be confident. Let me explain.

You should never live another day of your life with a “mask” or fake facade on. Be yourself, even if it means there is criticism or you sometimes feel vulnerable. Too many of us have gotten used to pretending to be something we’re not, even when it’s not Halloween.

We hide our real personalities and identities because we fear the opinions of other people. So rather than risk rejection, we “play the role” we think everyone will like. It seems easier and better. The problem is, there is no perfect role, and you will never be able to live up to the expectations of others, because there are just too many different opinions. Changing yourself to cater to different people is confusing. If you want to feel beautiful, whole, and fulfilled, you have to choose to live like the person God created you to be.

Why Your Struggles with Low Self-Confidence Shouldn’t Make You Hide

One of my favorite quotes is by Sean Mcmillan, he says “The world can never miss you after you’re gone if you never gave us an opportunity to know who you are.” The truth is, as you reveal who you really are, you will attract people who can love you and appreciate you for you instead of who you’ve pretended to be! So after Halloween is over, take off the mask, and never put it on again!
You’ll feel much more happier and authentic when you learn to be secure in who you really are. This is the essence of learning how to become confident. I've been learning a lot and growing a lot and I'm sure you have been too. Sometimes, changing isn't easy. But the one thing I am learning is it pays to be yourself no matter what others may think.

You may be in a situation where you feel like you're not getting the support from your friends and family that they should be giving you. Maybe at school you feel pressured to change yourself in order to fit in with the "cool ones." Or maybe you are one of the ladies who constantly worry about what other people are thinking of you.

The Key to Building Confidence

The key to building confidence is finding true freedom in accepting yourself: strengths, flaws, and all. Low self-esteem means magnifying your flaws and then try to hide your strengths because you don’t see them as valuable.

What's the solution? It's this: Taking off the mask. This means getting real with who you are and who you are not. Learning how to become confident means understanding what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do, and being okay with it. The journey to self-acceptance can be difficult, but is completely worth it. So next time you are tempted to act in a way that is true to yourself, say no and put down the mask for good!

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Jennifer Sarpong is the founder of the top-ranked ladies empowerment website www.Help-My-Self-Esteem.com, and author of the book Get R.E.A.L.! About Low Self-Esteem. She is a self esteem speaker and women's empowerment trainer who has inspired thousands internationally. Jennifer is a life empowerment expert who has dedicated her life to helping others overcome personal obstacles, set and achieve their goals, and create amazing lives. Visit her and find out more at www.Help-My-Self-Esteem.com