Being an individual from the famous Al-Suwaidi family, Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi, alongside his family, can be considered as the institutional guards of the UAE's arts and cultural heritage. 

However, his educational foundation and profession revolve around finance and business, holding the stance of the UAE's largest bank, The National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Abu Dhabi Bank FAB, for a long time. Additionally, Dr. Al Suwaidi remains a significant part of several investment firms and establishments in the nation. 

Yet, with a profound love for arts and the unique culture of Emirates, Dr. Al Suwaidi could not resist keeping himself from indulging in the realm of arts, poetry, literature, and culture. Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi has faith in the power of creativity and putting resources into arts and culture to protect the Emirati heritage. It is said that passion fuels your desire and motivation; this is particularly true for Dr. Al Suwaidi, who is embarked on the journey to bring the prestigious Emirati culture at the forefront internationally. 

In 2014, Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi earned his Ph.D. from the University of Portsmouth, introducing a contextual study for future managerial developments in the tourism and hospitality industry of Abu Dhabi. The examination presented new thoughts unleashing the tourism and hospitality industry's potential to strengthen the economy and social structure of Abu Dhabi. A part of his investigation reflected how promoting arts and culture while preserving the Emirati heritage is a gateway to profitable cultural tourism. 

Dr. Al-Suwaidi accepts that building an international image for the country and fortifying its character through safeguarding its social and cultural heritage is the best way to set up a stable economy.

The Mission Behind Abu Dhabi Art Society 

Establishing the Abu Dhabi Art Society was the judicious step for Hamed Al-Suwaidi to accomplish his quest for promoting arts and culture intending to feature the excellence of the Emirati norms, traditions, and culture through different activities and ventures. Notwithstanding advancing Emirati artists, artisans, and providing them a perfect stage to have the option to seek after their dreams

The Non-profit Abu Dhabi Art Society is additionally resolved to compose history undertakings to reveal the insight into distinctive figures representing the past and the eventual fate of the UAE in their writings, literature, poetry, performing arts, etc.

The Man with Vision & Mission

Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi has the vision to lay the foundation of the world that appreciates the art regardless of its cultural or regional root. Through the prestigious platform of Abu Dhabi Arts Society, Dr. Al Suwaidi arranges plenteous international art exhibitions and shows to achieve his vision.

Besides, Dr. Al Suwaidi additionally has confidence in the power of arts and culture to bring communities together. Thus, Dr. Al Suwaidi is on a constant mission to support promising activities intending to flourish the cultural tourism industry. It assumes an extraordinary job in making cultural dialogue between various countries and permitting cultural trade activities. 

A case of that is the UAE/UK year of Cultural dialogue, which paved the way for various opportunities to work with multiple establishments from the UK and welcome their authorities and families for numerous occasions that occurred in the UAE. This has contributed to fortify the connection between the UK and the UAE. 

Another noteworthy social dialogue was gifting the 1856 oil painting, Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy by Dutch craftsman Aery Scheffer. The British envoy introduced the masterpiece on canvas to the UAE, Patrick Moody, in the interest of Her Majesty's The Queen of Britain and The Commonwealth's Government, Sponsored by the Lubin Family and Five Islands Capital Limited of London as a loan in perpetuity to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Dr. Al Suwaidi's interests incorporate world history and culture, particularly that of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in general. He is likewise an energetic aficionado of the English Heritage and an enthusiastic antique gatherer explicitly of traditional frames. 

Notwithstanding horse riding, hunting, cultivating, gardening, and playing chess, Dr. Hamed extraordinarily appreciates tuning in to and reciting poetries. He was brought up under the shelter of prestigious writers that incorporates his sibling, Ahmed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, which justifies his untiring zeal for arts and culture. 

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