Energy Charging
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Following the rumor of a “real” healer, the writer received body & mind-satisfying holistic therapy. There she found healing and liberation at a deep level.

"Hands-on-Power Slowly Working its Way"

“The Higher Self, that is, the elevated self which lies within you and the spirit guides and angels; people are supported by these ephemeral beings which do not exist in a physical form’. You should talk to them and send your wishes to them. If you transmit your thoughts to the cosmic space, some existence receives it and it will be returned in a particular way.”

Ms. Kumiko West had an out-of-body experience once when she was in a dancing lesson. Since then, she has been asking herself the question “What are humans?” She has learned Eastern medicines, Chi, Osteopatics and others, and at the present works as therapist/healer and a lecturer in seminars.

In her private salon, the air was filled with a warm atmosphere that characterizes her personality as well. “What is my Higher Self like?” I was eager to discover when the therapy started.

As I lay down on the bed, sage was burned to cleanse the room. Entrusting myself to the playing music associated with the image of the cosmos, I closed my eyes and listened to Ms. West’s deep breathing. And the moment her fingers touched the back of my feet, I saw the light the color of bright pink and purple!

Correcting bones and massaging the stiff parts, this hands-on technique of lightly touching the body with the palms emits warm energy and it gradually reaches the body cells. “Have you hurt your left hip joint before?” asked Ms. West. She meant the energy field, which is defined as the aura you emit around your body, rather than the body itself had been damaged. She also told me I have the tendency to suppress my feelings and don’t know how to express them.

When she charged energy along my backbone, the center of my forehead became hot and I felt something watching me! I saw a small animal with eyes like dolphin. Overhead, I heard wind blowing and Ms. West’s increasing breathing, and the air started to feel electric. I was not aware of it but the photographer who was there said later that she was moving powerfully as if she was dancing.

According to Ms. West, you are in a very fragile state both physically and mentally after healing therapy. To shield me from direct affections from outside, she “confined my energy field in a golden-egg mold.” When I opened my eyes, my eyesight was very clear and everything I saw was covered in a soft light. The obstinate stiffness in my shoulders seemed to have gone.

In the counseling afterwards, she enlightened me on “core quality” (the strongest of all dispositions in one person) and “heart chakra” (one of the seven invisible organs that take energy into the body; located in the chest it controls feelings and love). She told me I have a cross in my heart chakra and it indicates that I have spiritual yearnings. I also learned that I was a psychic in the previous life, and my spirit guide is “a little blue angel”. Could it possibly be that little animal resembling a dolphin I saw during the therapy?

“Your guide wants you to go out in the spotlight and tell people of the spiritual world.” Knowing of these guardians watching over me from the hidden domain was a great relief.
I also learned excises to activate my chakra to engage in better human relationships and which colors bring you good fortune. It was a very nourishing day for my mind, body and spirit indeed.

Above left: Also a dance instructor, Ms. West moved as if she were dancing.
Down right: Ms. West’s rhythmical breathing was clearly audible during therapy. The regular rhythm seems to synchronize with the flow of Chi.
Down left: Ms. West has lots of supernatural pictures like this. This picture was taken during a group session. Her undulatory energy is too high for the modern science to catch up?

* Original article in the magazine.

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