When working online being challenged is something every marketer MUST expect because to expect otherwise is merely foolish! The fact is many seeking success in whatever capacity, can be expected to quit due to feeling overwhelmed by the internet environment itself which is extremely dynamic all by itself! This is not to even mention new algorithms or strategies to learn as well as competitors that seem to come out of the wood-works! The point is it is only natural to avoid anything that pulls you out of your comfort zone, but quite often we are overlooking the necessity to do so as well as the benefits it derives!

Let's look at 5 ways rising to the challenge instead of running from it will benefit you!

Mind Expands

Taking on and overcoming most obstacles almost always involves some type of learning process and in this way helps you 'expand' your thinking simply because you've learned something new! People reluctant to try new things in most cases have banished themselves to a life of mediocrity and boredom! On the other however rising to the challenge shows a willingness to learn as well as having the courage to venture outside your comfort zone! Only in this way are you able to expand your thinking, tap into new opportunities and expand the very boundaries of your own existence!

Skill Sets Sharpen/Expand

Inevitably when trying something new you are bound to either acquire a new skill set or at least practice existing ones! In both cases you are improving upon your own abilities in some form or fashion and as the saying goes, 'practice makes perfect' or at least makes us better! People who are prone to feeling overwhelmed when faced with learning something new must realize, simply taking on the challenge is something they can regard as furthering their personal growth! They have already demonstrated a lack of fear and a willingness to try new things!

No Complacency Takes Root

Since complacency should be considered a 'cancer' or barrier to your personal grow it's something to be avoided! Making every effort to remain in your comfort zone on the other hand helps create a 'fertile' environment for complacency to take hold! By demonstrating a willingness to try new things you are also showing a reluctance to be accepting of things the way they are, you are curious and hungry! This ambition is the natural enemy of any complacent attitude trying to take root in you!

Self Confidence Grows

When rising to the challenge, any success you have tends to boost your level of self confidence! This type of 'feedback' serves to increase your willingness to once again venture into new experiences without fear but rather with curiosity! The fact is you've just increase the boundaries of your comfort zone thus minimizing any reluctance you may have to do the same in the future!

Nurtures Your Sense of Purpose

When you 'jump' out of bed in the morning what's your reason for doing so? Are you passionate about what you do, enough to make you 'enthusiastic' about awakening from a sound slumber to take on the rigors of a new day? Everybody without exception needs to have a purpose since without one, why do you exist? Choosing to stay in your comfort zone without challenge or change is the same as accepting a life without purpose or a mind that never grows, to have either or both you must venture out and take risks!

Being challenged is not something we should actively avoid for to do so will only serve to stunt your own personal development! Feeling reluctant to leave your comfort zone is perfectly natural because you're familiar with your environment! On the other hand change often brings challenges that leave many feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and wanting to quit! The discussion above points out 5 benefits rising to the challenge instead of trying to avoid it can bring you and the role these benefits play in your own development! To stay in your comfort zone is in a word, comfortable, but what it denies you is the experience and variety you need to be the best you can be!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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