Even though a lot of people talk about these two terms together, the scope of blockchain is much beyond cryptocurrency. Because blockchain is considered as one of the most innovative technologywhichwas invented in the 21st century. What is blockchain? In simple terms, it is a public virtual ledger that can be used to store immutable records which can neither be deleted and not be altered. And, it helps to make the secure transfer of the virtual/ digital/cryptocurrencies between the users without the need for a traditional bank account. Unlike the banks, the blockchain based transactions are not controlled by any centralized system. Instead, it utilizes the interlinked network or chain of computers (also called nodes) for handling the data transactions. In the near future, the blockchain technology will be utilized in various fields like supply chain management,accounting,energy supply & distribution and more.
Bitcoin was not only the world’s first cryptocurrency but also the first one to utilize the blockchain technology for its transactions. More than 1500+ cryptocurrencies have been created so far and new coins are getting added almost every week.Based on the report by CNBC, it is predicted that the net worth of the cryptocurrency market worldwide will hit $1 trillion by the end of 2018. However, the question under debate is: What is the need for thousands of cryptocurrencies? What kind of benefits do they offer to the users? Many of the existing cryptocurrencies are either targeted towards a specific niche or have a lot of limitations. For instance, the network fee for the bitcoin transactions have become so expensive, and the small merchants are forced to bear more fees than the payment amount. Ripple is mostly used by the banks and it functions more like a centralized system. Ethereum lacks data protection and privacy with the recent hack of the DAO serving as a proof. Dash provides data privacy only if the amount you wish to send/receive is more than the minimum limit set by them.
As a result of the above limitations, the users are forced to manage multiple cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. Why doesn’t someone invent a cryptocurrency which can be used to make any kind of transaction without any limitation? That’s exactly the objective behind the creation of the Apollo – All-in-one currency which is backed by the Apollo Foundation. And, the foundation had already entered the crypto world with its digital currency named NXT.The core operation team of the Apollo foundation is comprised of highly talented and skilled professionals like Viktor Konovalov (Director), Sergey Rokhvarg (CTO) and KacperGazoa (Chief Product Officer). Viktor has worked with many leading firms like Microsoft and he is actively participating in several blockchain related projects. Sergey has vast experience and knowledge in advanced cryptography. In the past, Kacper worked in the Research &Development section of the mobile leader Samsung. So, Apollo Foundation aims to provide an all-in-solution to the world of cryptocurrency with its highly competitive team of young individuals.
How will the Apollo currency differ from the rest of the cryptocurrencies? It aims to create a single currency which will provide all the features of the existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc without any limitations. The significant features of the Apollo-All-in-one currency are listed below:
• Decentralized exchange– The decentralized exchange will be an integral part of the Apollo platform so that the users can buy/sell not only Apollo coins but also the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

• Storage to keep your confidential documents– Majority of the people in the world needs to maintain a lot of legal and personal documents like medical records, birth/death certificates, property related documents, wills etc. Instead of keeping that as a hard copy, it is wise to store the digital copy of the documents with correct timestamp. As the records stored on the blockchain are immutable, the timestamp becomes authentic and unchangeable. Apollo data cloud helps the users to keep their documents secure on their blockchain based cloud storage.

• High-speed blockchain–By using the Hermes Blockchain model, the average transaction speed of the Apollo platform will be 2 or 3 seconds which is at least 100 times faster than the processing time of bitcoin-based transactions.

• Buy/ sell physical goods – By using the decentralized marketplace of the Apollo platform, the users can buy/sell/trade not only physical but digital good as well using the Apollo currency. This will help the international buyers and sellers to reduce their operation cost as there will not be any foreign exchange or currency conversion fee.

• Phased transactions– the Multi-signature account is a commonly used feature of cryptocurrency exchanges where the account can be handled by more than one individual. Besides multi-signature, Apollo platform also supports the concept of phased transactions where a transaction will occur in the future only if it meets all the criteria set by the user.

• Create your own money – Using the Apollo platform, you have the flexibility of creating your cryptocurrencies or tokens which will be backed by the Apollo foundation so that your coins or tokens will get the instant value as soon as it is launched. This feature will be more beneficial for startups and small-scale businesses.

• Buy/sell any real-world asset – The users can buy, sell, trade or issue any asset tokens which will represent the real world commodities including gold, stocks, bonds, equity funds etc by using the Apollo asset system.

• Establish anonymity for your funds – Apollo platform will be introducing the new concept called coin shuffling which allows the users to shuffle their coins randomly between the user accounts. In this way, the account holder can establish anonymity for all their digital assets easily.

• Make your IP invisible– The Apollo platform fully utilizes the concept of encrypted messaging using Olympus protocol so that it is impossible to trace the IP address for a transaction. This will ensure utmost privacy and security for the user’s personal data.
Will the Apollo foundation be able to battle all the challenges and create one cryptocurrency for the world? Only time can answer this question.

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