When one wishes to solve a problem it is very easy to get tied up in the nuts and bolts of the problem itself and in this way miss out on seeing the overall picture. To solve a problem easily it is important to take a step back and thus begin to look at what is happening from a different angle.

Research has even shown that in working too long without taking a break upon a mental problem it can take up to FIVE TIMES LONGER to find a solution. By contrast, when you take a break, your mind can relax and recharge and then you can come back to your problem and see it with new eyes. The break that you take does not need to be long. Most often, just getting up and walking around your desk, or fetching yourself a cup of coffee, can be sufficient.

Moving from the position that you have been in is extremely helpful in more ways than you might imagine. In physically removing yourself from the area associated with the problem you assist your mind in distancing itself as well; "out of sight, out of mind" is a phrase which is embedded in reality. You don't have to go miles away from the source of the problem; just a few feet will most often help.

Moving your body and stretching your muscles will also do more than relieve the possibility of cramp. Your mind and body are intrinsically linked and as you move your body you help your mind to move as well.

The longer the time spent upon problem solving, the more likely it is that you are almost exclusively using the conscious and logical part of your mind. Often, what is required in problem solving is a little bit of creativity as opposed to a straight forward logical approach. Your creative mind is your subconscious mind and this part of your mind is more readily accessed when you are relaxed. If you are focusing too hard upon a logical task, your creative mind will become overlooked.

Just to make matters more complicated, when you become frustrated (which one often does when attempting to solve a problem) your logical thinking mind does not function as well as it might. When frustrated and stressed the logical thinking parts of your mind instinctively become bypassed as your emotional and primitive brain takes over.

To solve a problem expediently the best approach is to step back, relax and take an overview of where you are and where you want to be. Then you can employ your creative subconscious mind to solve your problem for you. Your subconscious mind will do whatever you want it to do, so long as you give it a chance.

The state of hypnosis will speed up your problem solving abilities. Why is this the case? Because hypnosis is a state of relaxation and this in itself allows you to take a step back. Then, as you relax in hypnosis your subconscious and creative mind comes to the fore. You are now in a position to benefit from the full powers of your creative mind. This is the part of the mind which is designed to resolve conflicts and solve problems. Your subconscious mind does exactly this each and every night as you dream.

So when you want to solve a problem, the best way to do so is to employ the natural skills of your creative mind, with a little help from hypnosis. You can learn to use hypnosis easily with the help of a hypnosis mp3 download. You can get a free one from my website if you like.

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