In the world of healers there are some of which that have no experience or understanding with dealing with your kind of issues. These healers may be able to work on certain things about you that they understand but have no experience or understanding with your particular problem.

I think we put our trust into healers, and although there may be some who can help us, there are many who will not be able to. Not to say that these types of healers are useless as they have something they can do to help you, but it may not be what you actually need.

When working with a new healer it is important to examine whether they have experience with your issue and how they can help you. It's also important to examine how they speak, the words they use, and how they approach your types of problems. An important thing I look for when talking to a new healer is asking them specific questions and noticing how they respond. For instance if I was to ask a healer: Do you do soul retrieval work?, and they say "Well that's not really how I work", yet they use the title of shaman, then that makes me think this may not be someone I should work with, as they are not able to be honest about the work they do.

One of the problems that many healers have no experience with or little understanding with is spirit attachment. Spirit attachment is one of those touchy subjects that frightens many so-called healers and people.

As a teenager I remember having problems with spirit attachments and having a hard time finding a healer who fully understood what they were doing and how to handle my sort of issue. Many of the healers who I contacted had very little experience dealing with spirit attachments or they were afraid of working with them, or they seemed to disbelieve in their existence or they had methods that seemed too complex and time consuming.

Being in a position where I needed help immediately and finding almost every healer I talked to being unable or unwilling to help me with my particular problem was very frustrating. As I had thought that these are supposed healers I am talking to, so why would they not be able to help me? I later found a healer to work with, but then after a month she called me and said she could not work with me as "My issue was not something she felt comfortable dealing with", but that she would refer me to another healer who could help me. The other healer she referred me was able to help me, and she fixed my problems. But at what expense?

I had to go through a phone book of different healers including shamanic healers, energy healers and so on, who were all unable to help me because of their lack of understanding and experience. What is worse is that I seriously needed help and time was an issue, and I was forced to suffer for a month while waiting on another healer.

I also experienced something similar to this with soul retrieval work a few years after that. I had lost a part of my soul due to some trauma, but I was told by two different "shamanic" healers that I was fine and nothing was wrong with me. Fortunately I have a strong connection with my own spirit guides/teachers which told me repeatedly that I was missing power and had soul loss, not only that but I am someone who knows when something is wrong with me. So I found another healer who called himself a "shaman", yet during the entire session he made me do breath work while bending my body in different positions. After an hour of breath work, he did a soul retrieval in a way that I had never seen a shamanic healer do soul retrieval. He didn't breathe them back into me and he told me to visualize them coming back to me. After working with this "shaman" I was not fully healed and still missing a soul piece. I was then forced to contact and pay an old healer who I knew was "more advanced" who did find that I was missing power, and he did a complete soul retrieval and found all my lost soul parts.

This situation showed me that not all healers who you contact will see the same thing, some will see things that others do not, and only some will be able to help you with your particular problem.

I also think the word "shaman" is a loosely used term which any energy healer feels he can use. To me a real shaman is someone who heals spiritual related issues, such as doing "complete" soul retrieval work, clearing spirit entities and/or demons, returning lost power, acting as psychopomp (guiding spirits to the light), clearing negative thought forms, and restoring balance on a spiritual and energetic level.

Ego also seems to be commonplace in the world of healers, in that many healers believe they are all knowing, and that there is nothing they do not see or know, for if there is anything they need to know they would be shown it. What I have been told by my spirit teachers is that healers that operate like this have actually become closed off on a consciousness level due to their own ego, and that their choices have caused them to not see certain things. For instance, one healer who I knew told me she did not believe in dark forces or demons, and that if they were real she would be shown them. I was told by my spirit teachers that she would not be shown them because she had chosen to not see them, and that she was not ready to deal with that realm, and so in an attempt to hide her own limitations and consciousness she would come up with various excuses and explanations for why she did not see them. This is only an example of how some humans choose to stop their evolution based on their own thoughts.

I have also noticed that a lot of healers like to create their own explanation for the way things happen, such as saying things like "Well maybe the reason I did not see your problem is you would take care of it yourself", or "Maybe the reason I did not see your problem is you were not ready for it to be healed". I tend to believe that a healer who operates like this tends to live in denial of certain things and chooses to create their own reality based on their own thoughts rather then being honest with themselves and looking at things for the way they actually are.

There are also certain healers who say they do certain things but do not do them, such as psychics who claim to remove negative entities, or "cleansings of negativity", or shamans that claim to use spells or magic to bring good luck or money. In the world of spirit and energy there is no such thing as a good luck spell, and most psychics who say they remove negative entities or do "cleansings" are really only giving you some of their own clean energy, they are not really removing anything from you but your money and time. Most people who operate like this are not healers and are mostly thieves of people's power, money, and energy. I have also heard of dark shamans that use dark power to steal their clients soul and energy. I tend to believe that people who work with shamans and psychics like this actually want to be swindled out of their money and power, otherwise they would have been guided by their higher selves to a healer of honesty and integrity.

Fortunately most of the healers I have worked with did what they were supposed to do and were who they said they were. The few healers who I have worked with who were not what they said they were (around 1 or 2), I had actually been given a psychic sense and inner message about prior to working with them that they were not up to par or worth working with, but I chose to work with them anyway as I was in a difficult situation and needed help. I think we need to trust that voice within ourselves because it knows more about the people we are dealing with then our conscious minds will allow us to understand.

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Peter Michael is an advanced level exorcist, angel healer, clairsentient, clairaudient, and teacher of energy clearing work. He was trained by master exorcist and shamanic healer John Livingston in 2003. He has had extensive experience dealing with non-physical beings and the dimension of spirit and energy. He has cleared and removed many thousands of spirits, demons and dark forces from the planet and people. His website is: