If you have suffered from any form of child abuse, it may well have ranged from a number of disturbing events including violence, sexual abuse, verbal abuse or neglect. It doesn't matter which one of the events a child experiences, it can be a traumatic period in anyone's life. Once the abuse is over (for the time being) the fear that it will happen again continues throughout the periods when no abuse is actually taking place.

For some children the time it takes for the abuse to end may seem to last a lifetime. To a child, a couple of years last a very long time. We will always remember when we were youngsters and how long the summer holidays used to go on for. It may have only been six weeks, but that short period of time is perceived as much longer within children than adults.

So for any child suffering abuse for years, will inevitably suffer the trauma over a lifetime and often way beyond adolescence and into adulthood. This suffering can last long after the abuse itself has finished. It can affect who we are, what we become and how we deal with relationships, often in a negative way.

In the complexity of our memories we often find that the subconscious stirs memories that are bad and associates them with something familiar, for example, who suffered violence seems to find or become attracted to a violent husband or wife. Many sexual abusers were themselves abused as a child. Regardless of how long ago the abuse happened and even if you have been struggling with issues of trust and relationships for several years, it is still possible to heal this situation.

Hypnosis can heal memories from abusive periods of your childhood. Here at New York Hypnotherapy, it is possible to address those painful childhood memories with hypnosis. If you visit the New York hypnotist you can heal abuse. Simply by accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis can unlock those memories, help you to come to terms with them, forgive and forget.

We may not be aware of this but the subconscious actually stores every single memory it has ever experienced, including those as an infant. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered child abuse your subconscious will have stored that memory and locked it away deep into your subconscious mind. Some traumatic memories are still vivid much later in life, others may be forgotten but they are still sitting on the "database" of our memory banks.

It does not matter what kind of abuse you suffered as a child, New York Hypnotherapy is specializing in helping victims to heal childhood memories and overcome child abuse.

Author's Bio: 

Lin had begun her way as a therapist in Israel, studying Psychology in 1999 and then Naturopathy in 2004. After experiencing the life transforming effects of energy healing with Bach Flowers and Reiki, she became Reiki Master and Bach Flowers Practitioner.
Soon after that, she came across NLP and experienced Past Life Regression, which gave her a new direction on her way of helping others.
She then moved to the United States, looking for the best schools and teachers. She studied NLP and Ericsonian Hypnosis in NYC and began practicing it after only a few classes, implementing her knowledge. She continued with advanced courses in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, and learned EFT basics.