A healing process is available for all God’s creations, be it humans, animals, birds, nature, cosmos or even the concealed energies present inside and around us. Through philosophical point of view, it means that He equally provides all of us with a second chance to rise above our mistakes. Similarly, we have been provided with a healing pattern to surmount the imbalances of our chakras. Here, we will discuss the techniques to overcome the blockages of the Sacral Chakra.
The Sacral chakra, acknowledged as “Swadhisthana” in Sanskrit language, is the second in mold of the chakras of the body. Located at the lower abdomen, it is associated with the color orange. The second chakra governs our reproductive parts, creativity and our decisions. When the Spleen chakra, which is its second name, is free of fragments and spins progressively in the abdomen, it provides us with various benefits. It establishes emotional and hormonal stability which aids us in achieving new targets of life. The dam of our creative juice is released, enabling us in realizing great and brilliant ideas. A balance is struck for the sexual desires and fantasies, that is, neither a person acts aloof nor gets addictive to it. With everything in place and harmony, breezes of joy blow in our life. However, if the chakra loses it balance or gets blocked then various severe troubles are set to arrive. If the chakra turns sluggish that will result in a person becoming shy, timid, mobilized by fear, impotent and overly sensitive. Similarly, if excessive energy passes through the chakra then a person faces opposite problems which are addiction to sexual pleasures, jealousy, over indulgent, obsessive attractions and become emotionally explosive.
“Swadhisthana” is associated with vibrant orange hue which represents creativity and sensuality. Orange color boosts self confidence, power and self-esteem. Being a vivid color, it generally showcases joy, enthusiasm and a sense of wellness. Use of orange colored materials or clothes and consuming orange colored foods like, orange fruit are very beneficial in boosting the power of the Sacral Chakra.
The Sacral Chakra is all about striking a balance between male and female, active and passive and yin and yang. The functioning of this chakra swears by the law of equality. Whenever this equilibrium is disturbed, we are faced by grave emotional and physical difficulties. Several techniques are available to help us regain that equilibrium. These techniques gently guides us into attaining a calmer and a more efficient chakra. Some of them are very easy to understand and it works on a personal level with everyone. One of those techniques is as follows:
A visualization technique for healing your Sacral Chakra:
Take a few deep, relaxing breaths and clear your mind of intentional thoughts.
      2.   Imagine a vibrant orange light filling up the spaces in your lower abdomen, showering your insides with its heat and its brilliant sparks of light. This light offers such excitement; such happiness. Everything it touches is instantly healed.
      3.   Place your hands just above your body in the area of the Sacral Chakra and feel the warmth that radiates from this inner sun. The light of this energy banishes away the negativity and stagnant energy that has accumulated, opening the portal to increased energy and passion, creativity and joyfulness.
  The techniques and healing patterns help an individual in overcoming the imbalance of the Sacral Chakra. 

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