People everywhere are learning the importance and effectiveness of energy healing, whether they accept that everything is energy or not, because with the rising of people's vibration as a whole, we are moving into a period of heightened awareness, sensitivity and capabilities.

My dream is to see a world where every being is aware, and knows the value of a healthy energetic body, and daily chakra exercises become the norm. These metaphysical chakras help to regulate the physical organs and glands; therefore keeping you healthier physically. They also help to regulate one’s emotions, therefore helping you stay healthier mentally and emotionally. Therefore, the chakras being in a balanced state of being helps bring harmony to your entire being, supporting a truly holistic state of health.

We as a race of people nowadays MUST learn to:
#1 be aware of their chakras existing
#2 begin keeping the 7 major chakras healthy

Keeping the 7 major centers healthy is important because we are actually moving gradually into another dimension of reality and in order to do so, our bodies must reach a higher vibration and frequency~ and this includes awakening 5 other major chakras that we have dormant right now; besides the 7 major chakras we know now.

In order for these five to awaken; the seven that we now are using, must be in a healthy state of being.

A brief summary of the seven major chakras is as follows:

1st center, between the legs, around sex organs. Gland: Adrenals. Suprarenal glands (cortisone, adrenaline, noradrenaline) Its primary color is red and secondary is black. Key focus: SURVIVAL, GROUNDEDNESS, PHYSICAL NEEDS . “To Be, To Have” are the keywords here. Scents are Sandalwood and Vetiver. An open and balanced root chakra allows necessary grounding (support from the earth and nature) strong structural elements of the physical body; spinal column, adrenals, kidneys, legs, bones, teeth, feet, knees, lower back, nails, large intestine, pelvic area and smooth operations of the eliminatory system. The root chakra connects all to the earth, taking care of the legs and feet, sciatic nerve, quality of blood. Allergic reactions also connect to the root chakra.
When one has strong root chakra one stands with both feet firmly on the ground. It relates to one’s will to live, sense of security, instincts and basic communication, concerns associated with food, clothing, shelter - practical things, self-preservation, endurance, rhythm and connection to nature…

2nd center; lower abdomen to navel. Gland: Gonads. Testicles and ovaries (testosterone and estrogen) Represented by the color orange. Key focus: VITALITY, DESIRE, CREATIVITY, SELF-WORTH. “To Feel, To Want”. Scents: Ylang Ylang, Patchouly. A well developed sacral chakra ensures the health of the reproductive system; testicles, prostate, ovaries and uterus, duodenum, ileum, cecum, lower verterbrae, small intestine, pelvis, urinary tract, bladder. It also prevents impotence and reduces menstrual pain. A strong sacral chakra helps in assimilation of food, detoxifying the body, strengthens the immune system.. Potency, procreation, fertility, and healthy sexual activity, creativity, a joy of living, vitality, harmonious relationships and work with others, tolerance, surrender, movement, giving and receiving, all depend upon a healthy sacral chakra…

3rd center; about 4” above the navel. Gland: Pancreas (insulin, digestive enzymes) its color is yellow. Key focus: WILLFULNESS, JOY, ENERGY. “To Do, To Act”. Scents are Grapefruit, Fennel. Also known as the Navel Chakra, those with an open and balanced solar plexus chakra may have good appetites and make optimum use of nourishment taken in, have good regulation of body temperatures, are radiant, seldom complain of problems with stomach, liver, or any other digestive organs, have steady nerves, sleep deeply, and handle stress well, can master their desires, have healthy sense of humor and laughter. Its function is to help take care of the small intestine, liver, autonomic nervous system, help one to open up to sensitivity, spontaneity and positive emotions. On a psychic level the solar plexus chakra is linked to one’s emotions… thus the reason for feeling effects of emotional disturbances in the stomach. Problems with the third chakra result in eating disorders such as obesity or anorexia- center around psychic problems related to the navel chakra, and many other problems rooted in the stomach or digestive system, such as heartburn, diseases of the liver, spleen or gall bladder, backache, nervous disorders, obesity, anorexia…

4th center; center of chest at heart level. Gland: Thymus (immune system) representing color is green and secondary is pink. Key focus: LOVE, COMPASSION, TRUST. “To Love, To Be Loved”. Scents: Rose Geranium, Rose Otto. Beings with strong heart chakras, have much love, may have empathy for all of humanity, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, group consciousness, acceptance, peace, contentment, usually breathe deeply with a regular rhythm, have a healthy heart, strong lungs and good blood circulation, rarely experiencing bronchial or respiratory ailments; as the lungs being of the air element this suggests an automatic relationship with the respiratory system. Removing blockages to the spiritual heart (heart chakra), one also helps prevent coronary problems. The heart chakra also governs the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, and rib cage. The sense of touch is governed by the heart chakra…

5th center; larynx, throat area. Gland: Thyroid and Parathyroids (thyroxin) its’ representing color is sky blue. Key focus: COMMUNICATIONS, LISTENING, VIBRATIONS. “To Speak, To Hear and Be Heard". Scents are Bergamot, Spruce. This is the hearing and speaking center. A rich sound of one’s voice is a sound of a healthy throat chakra. One breathes freely, will not ordinarily experience tonsillitis or any throat inflammations. In addition to its influence on the larynx and vocal cords, the throat chakra also may affect the vertebrae in the neck, arms, hands, mouth, teeth, gums, skin, tongue, throat, esophagus, & windpipe, the shoulders and jaw, and to a lesser extent the hearing faculties. It controls the thyroid glands, the parathyroids – which together control proper metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, minerals, calcium, and the nervous system. It rules communication, truth perceptions, inspiration, righteous (right-use-of-will) discrimination, musical abilities, creative expression in speech, writing and the arts in general, peace, truths, knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, honesty, reliability, kindness. Other emotional connections to this chakra relate to creativity, dynamic will, self-support and acknowledgement, ability to follow one’s aspiration. When the throat chakra has blockages or is not balanced one may suffer from nervousness or lassitude, throat pain, tonsillitis, speech defects (stuttering…), dental, periodontal problems, trouble with the neck vertebrae, neck and shoulder pains, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, overactive or under-active thyroids, shyness, inability to express oneself…

6th center; middle of forehead. Gland: Pituitary (vasopressin) representative color is indigo / dark blue. Key focus: INTUITION, PSYCHIC ABILITIES, CONNECTING TO HIGHER SELF. “To See, Self Awareness”. Lavender, Basil; holy or sweet. Also known as the forehead chakra. Those with well developed 3rd Eye chakras may have expanded reasoning faculties, unblocked intuitive capabilities, clairvoyance, peace of mind, wisdom, perception beyond duality, great imagination and visualization skills, mental clarity, great intelligence, remarkable powers of concentration, healing energy, self-confidence, vision and hearing are sharp even into older age. The forehead chakra closely relates to the pituitary gland which is the control center of the entire endocrine system, regulating activity of all endocrine glands, the cerebellum, hormonal system, eye, ears, nose, sinuses, inner ears/eyes, mental / neurological abilities, hearing/sight, hypothalamus,
influencing the immune system & nervous systems and ultimately one’s psychological constitution. Emotional connections to this chakra also involve self-awareness, sureness, cognitive intelligence, mental balance…

7th center; top of the head. Gland: Pineal (serotonin, melatonin) symbolic color is violet. The secondary color is white. Key focus: UNITY, WISDOM, THE GATEWAY. “To Know, Cosmic Awareness”. Neroli, Frankincense. A strong crown chakra ensures good health by promoting the body’s own natural healing processes, however, when blocked it can result in serious illness. The crown chakra corresponds to the brain, pineal gland and the entire nervous system. The pineal gland responds to light and regulates the sleep rhythms. This center of awareness is for cosmic consciousness, unification of the higher self with the personality, oneness with the Source, spiritual will, inspiration, Divine wisdom and understanding, idealism, selfless service, perception beyond space and time, spirituality, enlightenment, self-realization. Blockages/weakness in the crown chakra can result in headaches, weak immune system, nervous conditions, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, mental confusion, forgetfulness, mental illness, depression, sleep disorders, chronic illness, lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation, hesitation to serve, senility…

So, as you can see the chakras have vital functions and should be kept in harmonious balance. Healing of your Chakras can be done by yourself, by another in person or by another remotely, when they are trained and/or experienced in this skill. Whichever way you choose, it is important because of the ever increasing urgency of maintaining the health of our chakras.

You do not even have to be the type that can feel the energy moving in order to reap the benefits of the adjustments that will be made. Don't let your dis-belief stop you from making this important step in improved healing of your mental, physical and spiritual self.

Author's Bio: 

Shakeenah Kedem is a service oriented entrepeneur, and an Alternative Health Entrepreneur and Akashic Researcher living in the Northwest region of Arkansas, USA. Studying and practicing alternative healing methods for over 25 years and pendulum divining for over 5 years. Learn more about keeping healthy chakras here; , Where energy healing is recognized as the focus for our times.