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by Al Link and Pala Copeland

Love Potion

The use of sexual stimulants such as alcohol or herbal aphrodisiacs is well established in ancient sacred sex practices such as Tantra. Making your own love potions together is very sensual. Consuming them as part of your lovemaking rituals is even sexier.

More is not better—moderation is best. Consult your physician before consuming any aphrodisiacs.

Time for Exercise: 10 minutes to mix up a punch drink

Properties Required: s election of aphrodisiac tinctures, ingredients for punch, canning jar with lid

How to make an aphrodisiac tincture:

  • Infuse (soak) the leaves, roots, and/or bark material of a plant (e.g. damiana) in alcohol (e.g. alcool or vodka) for five days. Use two cups alcohol (about half a liter) to a half-ounce or more (about 15 grams) plant material. Store in a closed container to prevent evaporation.
  • Sift through a filter, such as a paper coffee filter. Retain the liquid.
  • Infuse the plant material from the filter in water for another five days. Use the same amount of water as you did alcohol.
  • Strain and combine the two liquids adding sweetener, like honey, to taste.
    1. Prepare your selection of one or more aphrodisiac tinctures, or buy one already made. They are readily available over the counter at most health food stores.
    2. Consume one to two ounces (about 30 to 60 ml) of your homemade brew approximately 30 minutes before lovemaking.
    3. If you are using commercially prepared tincture, three to six drops instilled directly under the tongue brings interesting results.
    4. Experiment by adding aphrodisiacs to your favorite punch recipe.


      Here are some suggestions for your aphrodisiac tinctures:


      "Chemically this plant has been found to contain several alkaloids that directly stimulate the sex organs….Native Mexican women have long drunk an infusion of the herb a couple of hours before retiring to prime themselves for their men. It is reputed to induce erotic dreams when drunk at bedtime."


      "One of the most popular aphrodisiac herbs available, yohimbe has a reputation for producing electrifying sexual encounters….Its notoriety as a potent aphrodisiac, though, probably stems from its use in African orgiastic rituals that sometimes last for two weeks….Some users also report mild hallucinogenic and heightened sensory effects much like those experienced on LSD or MDA."

      Muira Puma has a long history in Amazonia as an aphrodisiac.

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