What is more to the point, would you like to create good habits instead of the bad habits that you are fed up with? Habits come in many shapes and sizes. Good habits are great, whereas bad habits can cause discomfort and frustration.

When thinking about habits it is important to appreciate that the brain's tendency to make certain behaviors into a habitual pattern is a "space saving" mechanism. If you do something in a certain way for x number of consecutive times your brain kind of compresses it into an entire action instead of perceiving it in its separate components. Thereafter, whenever faced with the "trigger" situation the whole behavior is set in action automatically and instinctively.

A simple example of this is how you respond when you meet someone. You perhaps say "Hello. How are you?" Perhaps you shake hands or hug. These learned responses have become a habitual pattern of behavioral response. Whether you prefer to eat a steak rare or well done is also an example of an instinctive habitual reaction. How you brush your teeth or tie shoelaces are also great space saving habits. Now these are clearly not bad habits.

What might you perceive as a bad habit? Regularly eating too much or eating the wrong things could fall into this category. Smoking or nail biting are also prime examples of bad habits. Swearing might be perceived as a bad habit. Repetitively falling in love with inappropriate people, getting unnecessarily angry, procrastinating all of the time are also frequently cited as bad habits. In golf, continually hitting the ball with an out to in swing path combined with an open clubface is a habit that causes the ball to slice and most golfers would perceive this as a bad habit.

Habits come in all shapes and forms, some of which are good and others that have a detrimental effect. Whatever the bad habit is that you wish to temper or terminate you have to fins a way in which to access the part of your mind that controls these automated behavior patterns. This is where hypnosis comes into the picture.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation that is natural and has no negative side effects. When you use hypnosis you access your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where all of those instinctive and automated habit patterns are stored.

Thus with hypnosis you can unravel these automated sequences of reaction that form the habit that you wish to change. You can interrupt the domino effect of trigger event and subsequent automated reaction, be it in the form of thought or behavior.

I say here thought or behavior because people often do not realize that bad habits come more frequently in the form of thoughts than behaviors. Thinking "I can't do it" is probably the worst bad habit that you can suffer from. Fears are just as much bad habits as the things you more regularly perceive in this category, such as nail biting, swearing, smoking or eating too much.

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