Finding out your spouse is cheating can send your life and emotions into a downward spiral so strong that you feel like you cannot ever overcome or get out of. Getting help dealing with infidelity is a necessity if you want to find a way to swim out of the downward spiral. It all starts with the first step and then moves forward from there.

Accept Your Emotions

Give yourself time to experience all the emotions that come with infidelity. Don’t push down or deny your feelings. Instead, give yourself time to experience the emotions. It’s okay to wallow a little as long as it doesn’t cause you to lose your job or make problems worse. If possible take some time off work to deal with your emotions.

Avoid Sudden Decisions

Don’t make passionate decisions right now based only off emotion. Infidelity is not always a sign that it’s the end of a marriage. The first thought most people have when dealing with infidelity is that they need to get a divorce. But, it’s best that you don’t make a decision about this right now. Putting off life altering decisions, even something like getting a new haircut, is an important part of your life right now.

Seek Counseling

A professional counselor or a certified life coach can help you with going through this experience in a productive manner. Counseling is often paid for by health insurance too, so check with your insurance company. Life coaching is not covered with health insurance but some people prefer the goal oriented methods life coaches use compared to the introspective methods many counselors practice.

Practice Self Affirmations

When a person experiences infidelity, even when they’re the ones who are the guilty party, they often have very low self-esteem issues. Right now, take the time to build up your own self-image by giving yourself self-affirmations. It might seem silly but we all have so much negative self-talk, and no one thinks that is silly. Positive self-talk is an important part of overcoming any negative situation.

Start a Positive Diary

Many people use their diary to put all their negative emotions but sometimes focusing on negativity can make you even more negative. Start a positive diary where you only write in your diary at the end of each day about three or four positive things that happened during the day. You will find that by focusing on the positives – even if it’s only that you got up and breathed in and out all day – will help you become happier again.

Eat Healthy

In your wallow faze, it’s fine to eat your emotions for a little while. But, to do this more than a few weeks can have lifelong unhealthy repercussions in your life. This won’t help you improve your life so after a short period time hyper focus on eating healthy. Eat raw, live food (fruits and vegetables) because the plant hormones will make you happier. Eat less meat, dairy, and animal products as they will weigh you down more. If you feel like stuffing yourself, try a quart of strawberries instead of a bag of Oreos and you’ll feel great avoid weight gain or other health problems, and still get the same emotional buzz from the food.

Start a Yoga Practice

There are many kinds of Yoga, and all of them are very good for your mind, body and soul. People have overcome many physical and mental challenges after taking on Yoga. It’s okay to be a beginner with Yoga because it’s for all ages, all health statuses, and all types of people. If you practice yoga on a daily basis, with in just a few short weeks you’ll notice a huge difference in your flexibility, circulation, health and mood.

Spend Time with Friends

While it can be tempting to go into your cave and never come out, now is the time you do need your friends. But, it’s important to choose which friends you can talk to and which you cannot. It’s good to spend time with friends focused on other things so not being able to talk about it isn’t a bad thing. Don’t isolate yourself from your friends during this time, you need them, and they need to know that you are doing well. Your friends want to be there for you.

Read Books

There are many different books about overcoming infidelity, read as many self-help books about the topic as you can but remember that each situation is different so take and use the advice you can, and toss the rest. There is no sure method for getting through this time in your life, each person is different, but reading about other people’s experiences, and professional advice will be helpful if you keep an open mind.

Putting some thought in to how you care for yourself right now is a very important component in getting though this experience and is, in fact, the first step to overcoming infidelity. Where to begin is always with you. You have no control over other people including your spouse.

You can invite them to join you in counseling for couples counseling separate from your individual journey, and to also do things to take care of themselves, but you cannot do it for them. Your main focus has to be on yourself right now, and due to that, where you begin in your journey in dealing with infidelity is with yourself.

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C Mellie Smith knows from first-hand experience the uncertainty and emotional pain of dealing with an unfaithful spouse. Get the help you need to swim out of the downward spiral and move forward. Visit today and download your free report to get started on the road to recovery.