Do you find it hard to relate to people? Perhaps you always feel that you are different in some way or that you aren't quite on the same page as many of the people around you.

Some people just naturally blend into whatever group of people they are presented with whilst others have a more restricted comfort zone. What comes naturally to some may seem to be an impossibility for others to even contemplate let alone to bring to fruition.

When you don't feel comfortable your attention and focus tends to be internalized. It becomes difficult to turn your attention fully towards what other people are saying or doing. Rather, you find your mind sifting through myriad thoughts relating to how uncomfortable you are feeling. This in itself makes it even more difficult to relate to others and your surroundings, as you aren't fully "there".

You are detached instead of engaged. You are thinking instead of listening. This makes everything feel more unnatural still and a cycle of discomfort continues.

A huge part of relating well to other people is starting from a point of feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. When you feel confident you don't worry about what other people are thinking. When you feel confident you are comfortable being you with whomever you meet.

Relating well to others requires a high degree of emotional intelligence. This means that you are self-aware, your emotions are well managed and controlled, and you feel confident and comfortable. There is a big difference between logical, intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. It is quite possible to be high on one scale and almost below zero on the other.

When faced with situations that cause you to know how you should feel but you do not feel that way, you need to find a way to align your emotional experience with your logical mind. Logic and emotions can sometimes feel like oil and water - very different and not easy to blend together.

Hypnosis provides a window between the two elements of logical thought and your instinctive emotional experiences and reactions. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. It is a natural state and is easy to use. In hypnosis you find that you have access to your subconscious emotional world. Suggestions can be used to change instinctive patterns of thought and behavior and to change your emotional experience.

With the help of hypnosis you can find a way in which to adapt your instinctive behaviors and become better at relating to others. You can install new thoughts and ideas into your subconscious mind that help you to feel more confident and comfortable and to expand your comfort zone.

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