Suicide surfaced again today... a client emailed me to share the pain and the loss that she experienced when she heard that a friend had killed himself overnight and spoke about the anxiety she feels for a family member struggling to manage after being raped in recent times.

She inquired as to whether a group healing would help those souls who were so weighed down with life that the only route they see ahead is suicide. Yes, yes, yes, oh God yes, by all means, do so as this is one way to get them help that you may be too tired to carry out yourself.

It is a simple process. Go into the net and Google “group healing”. You will find many different sites listed there. Intuitively choose a site that feels right with you and get the person listed with them.

Another process that is very beneficial is to contact friends and family member to send the person a healing offering each day. When you love someone, your loving energy is something that they recognize and respond so well to. Reach out, reach out with all the loving energy that you have to those that are suffering!

And, why would you do so?

Scientists have completed research that conclusively proves that everything we say, think and feel about a person is received by them on some level to either uplift their health and emotional well-being or run it down. It may sound like science fiction but even when people are not around to hear what is being said about them, telepathically they receive it!

Guard your thoughts and words and, if you must think or talk about someone, focus on thinking about all the wonderful aspects of who they are! We want the best for those we love and by agonizing, talking, worrying about them, you end up adding another energy cloak of worry to the load to the burden they already carry which they then have to find their way out of!

When people are weighed down with anxiety, fear or when the emotional pain becomes too much to bear, they do not have the emotional strength, fortitude or energy to help themselves. Energy in this sense relates not only to the physical energy that we all know about but also to their electromagnetic energy.

Their troubled thoughts race and fire “all over the place” physically and emotionally depleting them. In the process, they draw very little “uplifting energy” into their aura to balance what they are experiencing. Over time, their electromagnetic energy, their aura starts slowing down due to the congestion that is created by the negative thoughts, depleting their natural ability to “lift out” of what they are experiencing!

By sending them loving energy, you are helping off-set the negative energy that they are creating by their negative focus and helping them strengthen their aura, which ultimately gives them more emotional strength to cope with the stress and anxiety that they are experiencing.

Although it is inappropriate to do a “healing session” on someone without asking their permission, it is appropriate to send them loving energy. This energy will surround the person and connect into their aura, providing energetic strength and support to them until such time as they are able to support themselves.
Even one person’s focus can make a difference. A whole family combined provides an even stronger healing (families can send healing individually with the focused intent that it be received as a whole).

A recommended technique is as follows:

 The energy healing is carried out by intent. All you have to do is to focus on sending the energy and it will be sent and received by your family member.

 Shut your eyes and visualize the person to receive the healing in your minds eye.

 Imagine that they are being surrounded by beautiful healing light.

 Give this light a color; most people use pink or green which is symbolic of love but when you think of them, whatever color comes into your mind will be the right color to use.

 As you are sending it, hold the focus of love and hope.

 Hold the focus for as long as you feel is appropriate (can be just a minute or two or more if you desire).

 Finally bring your focus back to yourself and open your eyes and focus on your surroundings. Give thanks.
Finally, the most important thing that all humans require is love. Love of self and love from others.

Sometimes even our love is not enough for them. We can only do so much to help them on their path. Sometimes no matter what we do, it is not enough to stop them taking that next step and moving on. If they choose to move on, honor their choice to go. No matter where they are, your hearts will still be connected; the memories of their loving presence still there!

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Evans of Heavenly Vibrations has been practicing as a healer, intuitive coach and mentor for twenty plus years. Realising that we need more at this time of massive change in the world, Suzanne provides a holistic approach to her work. She explores all aspects of her clients' lives including their relationships, home and work environments.

She is passionate about teaching her clients so that they grow in confidence, clarity and enthusiasm, able to embrace and enjoy life more fully and freely.

She is also the creator of a unique range of self-help tools, Heavenly Vibrations Elixirs of Light for both clinic and at-home usage. These formulas are self-cleansing, never needing to be recharged and can be used by anyone, everyone, any time, over and over again. She believes that understanding our energetic nature and learning to work with it provides a key to our long-term health and well-being.