Some men have the "gift of the gab" with girls but others are left wondering how to even proffer an icebreaker line. Some guys are good at adapting their conversation to the person whom they are addressing whilst others always seem to manage to "put their foot in it" or say something entirely inappropriate.

Being a good conversationalist requires two key elements. One is clearly confidence and the other is to be a good observer/listener. These two elements are in actual fact linked in an intrinsic manner. It is almost impossible to observe and listen well if you are not feeling comfortable and confident in yourself.

When a person lacks confidence their attention tends to turn inwards. They may well think that they are looking around and focusing their attention upon external details, but in reality the majority of their attention will be internalized. This means that they will not be aware of the necessary details required to be able to converse in an appropriate manner.

If you do not notice the body language of the girl who you would like to chat to, how would you know where to begin? If you do not listen fully to what she is saying how could you respond in an intelligent manner? You have to listen with all of your senses, not just your ears. You have to observe with all of your senses, not just your eyes. This means that you have to feel sufficiently comfortable to be open to such perceptual input.

Confidence is, as usual, King in this situation. You need to feel confident to be comfortable in your own skin. If you, until now, have not felt comfortable in this way, do not despair. Confidence is something that can be learned at any age. Your brain is sufficiently plastic to take on board new patterns of thought and behavior, so long as you know how to set about this task.

Hypnosis makes this task easier and quicker as it enables you to immediately access your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is what powers your unconscious and instinctive behavior. Thus if you want to feel "unconsciously comfortable", with members of the opposite sex, you need to tell your subconscious mind that this way of "just being" is OK when you are chatting to girls. Hypnosis lets you do just this.

Hypnosis also allows you to make suggestions to your subconscious mind to give you the gift of the gab with girls. Your imagination can be triggered so that it is easy to visualize yourself as you would like to be. As you see yourself confident and comfortable with girls this is how you will become. Your imagination paves the way to your reality and hypnosis will more easily unlock your ability to visualize with super clarity.

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