We are constantly bombarded with information about vitamins, supplements and complementary health ideas. Whether we act upon that information or not is a matter of individual choice. Some people are more health conscious than others. We have our own individual attitudes on the subject and prioritize complementary health accordingly.

Whether or not you are proactive in terms of promoting your own good health and wellbeing, I am sure that almost everyone would like to be fit, healthy and well. Like everything else in life you no doubt weigh up how you want to be versus the cost of achieving that goal. When I say cost I do not simply mean the financial implications; I am including time, taste, energy, effort and every other element involved.

When contemplating the cost versus reward equation it is inevitable that the majority of people end up actioning the things that seem the easiest to incorporate into his or her lifestyle. Many things that could be done to help boost your immune system end up getting overlooked or ignored, if only for the simple reason of lack of time to research what could be done.

One very simple thing that everyone could do to boost immune system functioning, at little or no cost in terms of time or of a financial nature, relates to how your mental processes affect your body. There is a constant two-way flow of information between your mind and your body.

The two are inexorably linked. Just as a physical ailment has the power to affect your mental and emotional equilibrium, the same applies in reverse. Your body reflects your thoughts. Thus a very simple thing that you could do is firstly to become alert to this fact and secondly to choose to intentionally direct your mind to promote good health in your physical body.

One very powerful thought that you could affirm to yourself upon a daily basis is that of turning up the thermostat that controls your immune system. You can in this way give your immune system a mental boost. This is incredibly simple to do and doesn’t cost you anything at all. Although simple to do, this "treatment" has an incredibly powerful reach and the positive impact can be truly amazing.

This mental boost to your immune system can be made even more powerfully effective when used in conjunction with hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that at the same time allows access to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the part that acts automatically and instinctively and you draw from this part of your mind every moment of the day and night without even being ware of it. To listen to a hypnosis recording that is designed to boost your immune system is again very simple to do. If you were to do this at night as you fall asleep it wouldn't take any time out of your day and would also most likely ensure a great night’s sleep as well.

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