The trouble, which we will discuss, is tremendously relevant and not so easy to overcome as we would like. Many people know that there is a problem like ants in the apartment. Let’s talk about how to get rid of ants in the house. Sometimes, even if you get rid of ants in your house, they come back after 1-2 years. But do not despair. Repeat attempts, nothing is impossible. By the way, where are ants, there is never a cockroach. Still, it is better no insects than hateful ants.

How to deal with ants?

For the start, make a good cleaning – on shelves and wardrobes, sofas, desks, old suitcases, and other household belongings. Ants can be even in some hose, peacefully lying in reserve in the bay, as well as on any shelf in any crease or crack, even in the old iron or old videotapes. Looking for their nests and colonies, and tear down it. Do not miss anything, especially, that you haven’t use for a long time, even washed and stroked linens can be a place for a colony. You must carefully inspect all toys, shoes, and cereals, view, where are walking paths of ants. In the end, you will find their anthill.

Mending of house

It will not hurt major quality repair with replacement of windows, tiles, skirting, or linoleum flooring, sealing all holes and cracks in walls and around all pipes, fitting of doors with a good quality sealant. Naturally, is relevant the less quantity of the old dilapidated furniture, well-puttied walls and constant cleaning.

Means against the ants

How to remove ants in the house? Now let’s discuss how to do it by rapid methods, it makes sense to use it not only as preventive measures after repair, but as a principal means of struggle.

Remedy against ants number 1 – boric acid. It corrodes chitin of body of ant concentration should be about 2%. Ants don’t die immediately, and carry the poison to the heart of the colony. Otherwise, in overdose, they die almost instantly and there will much less benefit. Buy in a pharmacy bag of boric acid. Boil porridge and adds a packet of acid, interfering, and rolled tiny balls. Scatter them throughout the apartment.

Or dissolve in a glass of water 1/4 tsp boric acid add three teaspoons of sugar and 1-2 teaspoons of honey. Such bait should be put a lot of times in a month, in places where a lot of ants are.

Keep in mind that you need to mix it up in non-food dishes, and use rubber gloves. Be careful! Take care of children and animals.


To get rid of ants in the home will also help repellent and horrible for them smells – sunflower oil, bay leaves, the smell of lemon, chamomile, tobacco, elderberry leaves, wild mint, ground cloves, sage, garlic, cinnamon, parsley root, grated on a fine grater. You need to put, smear or sprinkle their tracks and places of congestion. Do it frequently for at least a month.

Baking soda

Ants can be derived with ordinary baking soda. Dust with it corners, baseboards and paths where travel household ants. After a couple of days remove it, wash the floors and then sprinkle again. After a few days, the ants will leave.


There is another effective way to get rid of in the apartment – eggshell. Once you smashed an egg, do not discard the eggshells, and do not wash it, but put in places of a congestion of the insects

Access to water

Well, whatever you do, do not give them contact with the water! It’s like with cockroaches. If you can go away from the house for some time, then shut off the full extent of all the taps, and in the toilet, in the sink, and in the bathroom, pour a small amount of some chemicals – bleach detergent or something, that is not suitable for drinking. Your ants will be very not happy about such actions.

Contact experts

If you do not want to spend a lot of time and spoil your nerves, Ant Control Adelaide specialists will come and do activities around the home. They know how to get rid of household ants! This is probably the best way to deal with such a problem as the ants in the apartment.

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