Many times we don’t achieve the things we want to. The reason? Our negative beliefs about ourselves and our abilities hold us back. These beliefs include undervaluing our worth as a person, rejecting our birth right to be successful, and carrying false beliefs regarding our capabilities.

Our self-limiting beliefs usually originate in our childhood and adolescence and by the time we are adults, the limiting beliefs become facts. The best solution to prevent your teen from developing false beliefs is to stop it before it starts!

Follow these great tips to help your teen build self-empowering beliefs.

Teach your Teen to Believe...

You can: Let your entire household practice this belief. Even when the going gets tough encourage everyone to say “I can.” First thing most people say when asked if they can complete something challenging is “Oh, I can’t do that.” They say this before they have the time to think of what would need to be done in order to succeed. It is a habit that hurts everyone’s chance of success.

You are good enough: Let your teen know s/he is good enough as is. There is no need to improve his/her worth in order to deserve something better. Teach your teen that believing in his/her self-worth must come before other good things can follow.

You are destined to succeed: Many people start off important goals hoping they won’t fail or hoping they’ll meet minimal requirements. Teach your teen to focus his/her attention on getting exactly what s/he wants and not to settle for less.

People like you: Most teens (and adults) think others do not like them or will not accept them. This holds them back from trying new activities, participating in new experiences, and living life the way it was meant to be lived. Openly question your teens’ concerns and teach them to withhold judgement.

You are fine the way you are: Most teens (and adults) believe they need to change their inherent personal flaws before things will start to go right. Encourage your teen to believe s/he is fine the way s/he is and if the right actions are taken, life will go in the desired direction.

Ivana Pejakovic, Life Coach in Toronto

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Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA, is a motivational life coach working with teens & young adults. Her areas of work include identifying negative thinking patterns, body image issues, mother-daughter relationships, low self-esteem and self-confidence, bullying, and goal setting.

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