They Can Ruin Your Health:

Studies have demonstrated that adrenalin junkies get real pleasure out of being scared by horror films, but in an assortment of ways, they might be risking their physical and psychological health without even being aware of it. As soon as we see an extreme scene in a movie our pulse and blood pressure increase. This can and does lead to heart attacks, in those who have cardiovascular flaws.

Even if you're young and fit, watching horror films can mess with you in ways you did not expect. This then can dredge up repressed traumatic memories. The shift in your brain chemistry reminds you of times when it had been in a similar condition, even if you had no thought you had those memories. So when you have a few really horrible event in your past that terrified you, being fearful again with a film can unwittingly cause you to relive it.

If your past is trauma-free but you have been depressed before, even tearjerkers should be avoided. A study found that individuals who were depressed in the past were more likely to ruminate over the tragic elements of movies. This, in turn, might have been a contributing factor if and when they returned into a depressive state.

They Can Improve Your Health:

Alright, you've seen countless movies and you are fine, so it can not all be bad, right? Certainly not, there are also health benefits to viewing movies. Comedies, as an instance, help decrease your blood pressure; even when you laugh for lengthy periods of time that your blood vessels dilate. Intense laughter for 15 minutes through a movie has the identical impact on your cardiovascular system as exercising. Even porn movies can improve your health. In a study of women who were shown"female friendly" porn, action in some regions of the brain decreased significantly. This was reported in the media as"Seeing Porn Makes Your Brain Shut Down" but the specifics of the study prove that the areas of the mind that slowed down are ones none of us actually need going a mile a minute anyway. If you're not into porn, sad movies may have a similar impact on the mind. If you watch a sad movie (assuming you do not have a history of depression) you're more likely to come away from it thinking about loved ones and feeling happy about what you have.

They Can Make You More Creative:

If you are five. This may or may not extend to adults, but a research revealed that young children who watched brief clips in the Harry Potter movies, especially ones that involved using magic, scored significantly higher on a creative thinking test than children who had watched something else. So if you've got the mindset of a child and would like to create something or tackle a tough problem, pop in a movie with a little bit of magic in it and you may find yourself becoming more imaginative than usual

They Can Control Your Thoughts:

Because of science, directors will be able to control when you feel fearful or unhappy during a movie. As a result of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scientists are now able to see just how you respond to each second of a movie. The results revealed that 65 percent of participant's brains reacted the exact same way into the Hitchcock clip, while only 18% were the exact same for Curb Your Enthusiasm. The researchers reasoned that Hitchcock's way of earning movies allowed for"tighter control" of what the audiences experience.
Perhaps Hitchcock just got lucky that audiences encounter his movies the way he wanted them to. Nowadays, however, it does not need to be down to luck. At least one manufacturer, Peter Katz, is utilizing this technology to be certain that the people in his audiences all experience the same amount of fear, all at exactly the exact same time. Even if directors do not have the money or inclination to utilize this technology, other findings may nevertheless affect how films are made. Here you can find 100 Best Inspirational Movie you must watch.

By way of instance, scientist understands that audiences' brains respond strongest to the soundtrack of movies. While you might have always known deep down that creak of a door was really more terrifying than seeing the creature, fMRI's have shown it. Perhaps less expected is that viewers' brains light up nearly as much when following the motion of a character's hands.

Both these items can be used by directors to ensure that your mind in completely in the moment through certain areas of the movie, thus ensuring the whole audience reacts in precisely the identical manne

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