Guess how many entrepreneurs first went and studied business at University? Hardly any at all that I personally or indirectly know of. Instead they got out there into the big wide world and learned for themselves on the job.

I am not being down on education here; obviously it is extremely important, especially for specialist subjects like accountancy, medical professions or law. I have had many Uni graduates come along to see me with their business studies or psychology degrees and they fail to impress me solely because they are packing a big degree. In my businesses I am always far more interested in the enthusiasm of a candidate, their ideas and how they will add value to the team. Enthusiasm is vitally important to achieve anything.

Personally, I don’t care if a candidate has first class honours degrees in business management from Oxford, if they shake hands like a damp dishcloth, fail to look me in the eyes and can barely raise a smile on their face, they are not going to find their way into employment so easily. Not with me anyway!

Author's Bio: 

Dean Fraser is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, best-selling author, poet, stress consultant and positive lifestyle coach. He has been talking to and advising local authorities, businesses and individuals for over thirty years.

He offers stand-alone talks and seminars on positive living; he is also available on a consultancy basis to visit businesses (and occasionally to individuals). He speaks at health events, educational centres and corporately. Helping us all stay positive regardless and deal with any stress related issues.