The month of February reminds me of family, history and most of all love. Like most of you, I recognize and honor love each and every day but there is something very special about the collective consciousness that allows you to take a deeper look at how love shows up. What a wonderful time to appreciate all of the relationships that make up the community of our lives.

This week many young couples are preparing for romantic dinners and get-a-ways. In addition, our community of relationships also includes our friendships, our spiritual community, business associates and most importantly our relationship with ourselves.

One of the greatest benefits of living our best life and being comfortable in the life we’ve created is that our relationships are more in alignment with the best of who we are.

Have you ever met someone and instinctively felt that you’ve known the person before but you’ve never met? Or met a business associate, and the two of you resonated with each other right away and have been dear friends for years? These supportive, like-minded connections are often instrumental in transforming challenges into lessons as we travel on our journey. Sometimes the best that we offer each other is a listening ear. So as you are celebrating this week remember all who are special to you by letting them know you care.

Here are a few ways to appreciate those who make a big difference in your life, this week, this month and this year:

* Resist participating in the many text messages, emails and Facebook applications that may already be filling your inbox and pick up the phone and call them; share a laugh and a special memory.
* Send a card with a very special hand written note.
* Share your time. Some of the best memories are created over a meal, conversation, and laughter.

Enjoy a weekend filled with good friends, good food and plenty of love!

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