These hot-peel transfer by heat transfer machines are as good as direct printing and other methods, and could even be achieved very easily from a printer at home using the right paper. What could be more fun than designing your own unique design, then printing it out on your own printer and having your own custom designed t-shirt within minutes! And it doesn't stop with just t-shirts. Heat transfers are even more easily applied to baseball caps and the same techniques can generally be applied to caps, although you'll need a cap press.

How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl

We'll focus more on proper technique for using heat transfer vinyl below:

1. Use 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend for best t-shirt results. Many are available and we find that the Haynes or Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton or blends work best for a broad range of heat transfers.

2. Set your heat transfer vinyl at 375-400° F (190-204° C) for the best results.

3. Lay the shirt over the pad of the heat press and smooth out any wrinkles. For best results, you can even pre-heat the shirt which warms it up and smoothens out those wrinkles.

4. Place the heat transfer printed side down (so you can read the design through the paper) and place about a ½ finger's length from the shirt collar as a general rule of thumb (no pun intended and don't use your thumb - use your index finger)!

5. Lock the heat transfer vinyl into position and press with both hands - this requires a decent amount of pressure - this is the most common beginner's mistake in not applying enough pressure. The result would be that not all of the design goes on the shirt - so apply two-handed pressure.

6. Release the heating element after about 10 seconds, or 14 seconds for 100% cotton - again a general rule, but generally not more than 14 seconds.

7. Immediately peel the transfer paper from top right-hand corner to bottom left and do in a fairly rapid motion.

8. Shirts should be cooled in a few minutes and ready.

Always ensure you carefully shop around and read heat transfer vinyl reviews on Amazon before buying a heat transfer vinyl. This way you can certain that the vinyl you are getting is worth the price at which you are purchasing it. Also, on laundering, always advise customers to wash without any form of bleach and take it out of the washer immediately. Ensure the clothing are tumble dry the right way and turn the t-shirts inside out.

We wish you the best of luck on this fun hobby (or business). Nothing like the smell of that heat press and the satisfaction of successfully peeling your first transfer and wearing your results!

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