The life and art of a popular platform medium is outlined below as well as additional information on other ways and results to experience mediumship. Mediumship is the art of channeling through information from those who have left the mortal plain.
An excellent way to experience a good level of mediumship in a cost effective way is through the spiritualist churches dotted around the country. I have to admit rather sheepishly thinking that what these small but intriguing buildings, often quite basic and discreet, housed loud and joyful gospel singers spouting all things spiritualist and people visiting to be healed! In some ways it was a feared thing, the unknown often is when we make it into the rolling giant it was never meant to be.

This is the problem when we assume we know, take others opinions or let our vivid imaginations run riot.

Here I am outlining some factual evidence about what actually happens when information is channeled both through platform mediumship, and also phone medium readings.

The first one to cover is platform. The medium when they first come on stage will often be waiting for the spirit side to line up in an orderly fashion and so they will often open with general information and spiel about their art.

They will then tune into the spirit with them and commence the channeling.
The psychic barber a popular medium and novelist gave the following address to a mother of a young man who had died tragically. It was coming up to the anniversary of the mans death, and naturally his death had a massive impact on the family life and the mother in particular. He told them that he liked being discussed and remembered, and that he was starting a new path in the spiritual world and evolving there, being far from dead. He said he could see the sadness of the family and that each Christmas had been a catastrophically sad event and that he wanted this to stop.

The mother he said he knew sent thoughts to him and spoke to him in her head and he wanted to confirm he knew she did this. He also saw that she played his music and that he meets the family when they travelled to the particular tree to remember him. He also gave evidence through the psychic barber that he knew his mother had looked at the photo of him earlier that day.

A very big point the young man wished to make was that death came quickly and he didn’t suffer any pain – this is a common horror that people worry about is the suffering of the loved one when passing to the spirit side and gives great comfort.

He also went on to say that when his mother dreamt about him she had actually been with him on another plane and it was actually him and his presence.

In a very similar way a recent medium phone reading not only confirmed that the deceased lady knew what had been said to her as she passed and the family held her hand, but also that a particular member of the family missed her passing and was very upset, unique information was confirmed and the most fascinating aspect of all was that the grandma was able to come through the medium just days after she had passed – intriguing – amazing and certainly food for thought.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews.

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