If there is something that you cannot live without, then it would be water. It's not your cellphone; it is not your 48 inches screen; it's not a particular person in your life.
Your life is full of things that you do not need but you shouldn't give up on them unless they are harmful or if they waste your time. Many people find themselves in the situation where they have to choose between two things and usually, they feel bad for choosing one thing over the other when they want both things. You might find yourself in that situation and when the situation is serious, you will find yourself getting really upset and you will find yourself thinking of that thing too much. I know many people who had to give up on the things that they used to do, the fun things, to go on with life. Sometimes to keep up, you will have to give something up in return; sacrifice. For example, if you are going to start working out on daily basis, you will have to sacrifice the junk food that we all love.

But such sacrifice cannot be taken bad. If you decide to live in a different country or city, then you will be giving up the things you are used to at your current location like the diner that you prefer or the café you usually spend time with friends at. But if you do so without being willing to, let's say you lose all your fortune. In that situation, you will find yourself upset, enraged, in disbelief and then you will realize the reality and you will have to adapt to it. You will have to keep on living with the little tools you have.
The ability to adapt is one of the most important abilities that you can obtain through little positivity, filled with willingness and spiced up with a little bit of passion. If you want to keep going in life, if you want to climb up to the top, then you will have to keep going no matter what stands in your way. When you ask most craftsmen, they will tell you that they can work using any tool in front of them and you will see a good example of adapting.
But a perfect example would be you. As a child, you were raised in whatever country you lived in and so, by nature, you were adapted to a specific culture, a specific language and specific rules. Another person who was born in another country will surely speak the country's language fluently. So, by nature you have the ability to adapt to different things.
Your willingness and your passion will help you adapt to anything in order to be where you want to be and achieve the goals you want to achieve. Adapting does not mean that you are weak, but you would be truly strong and powerful if you were able to adapt to anything out there that you have to go through. It shows passion and credibility and a lot of other qualities. Adapt and overcome anything in life because you can.

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