Chronic and clinical anger related issues cause many hindrances in everyday life. The sad fact is people of all ages, gender and social backgrounds can get affected by such problems. A consequence of irrational and uncontrollable rage is never good. It can show up in families in the form of domestic violence which is counted among punishable offences by law. The symptoms and effects of anger issues in individuals are always negative. Throwing temper tantrums, sabotaging property and threatening the safety of self and others can be counted among the symptoms. Dramatic increase in stress and related physical and mental conditions including chronic depression are some of the common effects of the same.

It is a fact that anger as a feeling is as natural as hunger and sleep. However, just like excessive hunger and over sleeping can lead to unfavorable conditions like obesity and chronic lethargy, excessive anger can lead to fool proof inevitable devastations in many ways than one. There are far too many reasons that can propel the temper of a person to sky rocket within seconds. Professional issues, personal problems, diseases, finances and conditions prevailing in the immediate environment etc are some of the most common causes that claim the better of an everyday individual. Anger is something like fire. It is beyond the scope of gender, social or, economic back ground or, even age. When gone out of hand, it can destroy the person who is affected by this condition of uncontrollable rage and also those who live with or, around the same.

There are many ways to recognize abnormality in anger conditions because it tends to give out a number of signs and symptoms. Throwing temper at any odd given condition with or, without reason, bubbling with rage to an extent that it threatens near and dear people including parents, spouse and children, increasing the episodes of frequent domestic violence, creating negative atmosphere in work places and destroying property for no apparent reason etc are some of the commonly seen symptoms of anger. The impact that such anger issues create is also extremely negative and it tends to affect physical health, mental health, personal and professional life of the concerned person irrecoverably.

Some of the common effects that arise out of chronic anger issues can be named as severe depression, very high levels of stress, developing blood pressure conditions, developing heart ailments, aches and pains in joints and head, gastrointestinal issues and other issues as such that can be directly related with chronic stress. Keeping all this in mind one can see that anger issues can bring about massive upheavals in a person’s everyday life. The good news however is that, this condition of uncontrollable anger can be reversed and treated with the help of potent programs and classes dedicated to anger management. In very simple words, these classes and programs acquaint the affected with what he / she is going through and provides simple solutions that can help the latter control their rage.

These programs are suggested on the basis of a number of factors like, the severity of the condition, the nature of the person who is affected by the same, their age and mental make, diagnosis of any previous record of psychological issues, health problems so on and so forth. Usually, anger management differs mainly with respect to age in the sense that, the programs designed for teenagers is largely different from that of their adult counterparts. A period of time spent well in these programs can ensure returning senses back to the concerned person, and help the latter lead a normal and anger free existence. The physical and mental conditions associated with anger issues are also seen to decline steadily.

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The author of this article has helped thousands of people to get over anger issues through Effective Anger Management Classes. The author stresses on counseling and related activities instead place of anger management medication.