Youths are upset when they get low grades from what the feel is high-grade work. The resent it when discipline seem excessive or uncalled for or seem motivated by racial bias. They are angry when special attention or professional treatment is given to the teacher’s pet.

Granted, teachers are far from infallible. They have their fair share of quirks, problems, and, yes, prejudices.
A youth name Joseph noticed that his teacher “was snapping at everyone” Joseph tactfully approach the teacher and found the cause of his surly behavior. “It’s just that I had a problem with my car” the teacher explained. “It overheated on my way to school and I got to work late.”

Teachers and their pets

What about the special favors accorded to teacher’s pets? Bear in mind that a teacher faces unique demands and pressure. The book being adolescent describes teachers as facing a “serious predicament” in which they must try to hold the attention of a group of youths “whose mind are usually else where….they have before them a group of highly moody, distractible teenagers, generally unaccustomed to concentrating on anything for more than 15 minutes”

It is any wonder, then, what a teacher may lavish attention on the student who studies hard, pays attention, or treat him or her with respect? True, it may gall you when seeming ‘apple-polisher’ get more attention than you do. But why be upset or jealous if some diligent student is a teacher’s pet as long as your educational needs are not ignored? Besides, it may be a good idea to be a bit more diligent yourself.

War in the classroom

Said one student to his teacher: “he kept thinking what he had all declared war on him and decided to get us first. He was one paranoid person.” However, many teachers fill the have the right to be a bit “paranoid.”

My teacher doesn’t like me

At times, a clash of personalities or some sort of misunderstanding sets your teachers against you; inquisitiveness is confused with rebellion or a touch of whimsy with foolishness. And if a teacher dislikes you, he may be inclined to embarrass or humiliate you. Mutual animosity may flourish. Try not to antagonize your teacher. Avoid needless confrontations. Give your teachers no legitimate cause for complaint. In fact, try to be friendly. show manner by respectfully greeting your teacher when you come to class. Your persistent politeness even a smile from time to time just might change his opinion of you

I deserve a better grade

This is a common complaint. Try talking the problem out with your teacher. You might likewise humble, and calmly approach your teacher. Rebellion in a student provokes obstinacy in a teacher. If you rant and rave or claim gross injustice and vow revenge, you’ll get nowhere. Try a more adult approach. May be you can begin by asking your teacher to help you understand his grading system. Then, say Weber, you can try to prove yourself the victim of an oversight or miscalculation rather than a bad judgment. Use your teacher’s own grading system; show him/her where you see the error in your grade. Even if your grade is not change, your maturity will probably make a positive impression upon your teacher.

Let your parents know

At times, though, mere talk proves fruitless. Take Susan’s experience. As an honor student, she was shocked when one of her teachers started given her failing grades. The problem? Susan was one of Jehovah’s Witness, and her teacher as much as admitted that she dislike Susan because of this. “It was really frustrating” says Susan “and I didn’t know what to do”

Recalls Susan: “ I gathered up courage and told my mother(a single parent)about this teacher. She said, ‘well, may be I can talk to your teacher.’ And during open hours she went up and asked my teacher want the problem was. I thought my mother was really going to get upset, but she didn’t. She just calmly talk to her.” The teacher arrange for Susan to have a different teacher.

Admittedly, not all tangled affairs have neat endings, and at time you just have to endure. But if you can coexist peaceably with your teachers this team, they is always next year, when you’ll have a fresh start, perhaps different classmates and perhaps even a new teacher to learn to get along with.

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