New dreams, new life. These are things we all would like to have but in these tough economic times, most of us can’t have them and leave us asking ourselves “How can I win the lottery". Do you really want to spend money when you can't afford it? N0. Irresponsible spending is not what we encourage at But some of us can afford to play the lottery and we want to know how to win.

Systems developed by the professionals that have won will help you increase your chances of winning. Professional players are in this field just as there are in other sports. We at have put together a list of items that will help you develop your own system to increase your odds of winning the kind of money you dream of and answer your question “How can I win the lottery?”

I named my site “Masterluck” for a reason. The question of "How can I win the lottery?" made me wanting to learn more and the most important thing I learned was winning is not based on luck alone. People might disagree but they are the ones that use quick picks, play only when the payoff is high or play the same numbers over and over. I believe you must “master” the “luck” involved in playing the lotto. Luck remains a big step in lottery playing but mastering this luck is more important.

In determining how to pick numbers, you need to know there are good combinations of numbers as well as bad combinations. If you take the bad number combinations out of play, you automatically increase you odds of winning. By determining what cards his opponent has, a professional poker can increase his odds. This can be done by knowing the cards that been dealt and remembering cards other players have folded.

This is the same system many lotto players use. For instance would you pick 1,2,3,4 and 5 in a pick 5 game? Would your odds increase if you chose and 6? Your chances of any five in a row combination are very poor. Certain combinations are determined by the authors of the systems I offer and decide if they are good or bad because they are asking themselves "How can I win the lottery?' just as you are.

Naturally there is more than one system that can be used to win. We give you a variety of options from different professional players. You may have tried to develop your own system. Good for you if it has worked. You should be the one writing about your system. But for most us we need that next step in the system to redefine it and give it that winning edge. The pressing question of "How can I win the lottery?" is the reason behind these strategies.

There is a 60 day return policy if you are not satisfied with the product. The price of these systems are reasonable. The cost is very low when compared to potential winnings that you could have. But if it can increase your odds, why not try it. This is the place to start if you keep asking yourself "How can I win the lottery?".

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