One drawback of being famous is people always poking their noses in all you do. Critics and even some fans overstep the boundaries at times, having this feeling they need to know everything in the celebrity's life, just because he/she is a public figure. And while stars may love the support and adoration from their followers, there are times when they want to live normally.

As challenging as the process may seem, there are reliable websites wherein you can obtain your favorite Celebrity Phones number. This may be true as there are users that testify they were really able to get in touch with their favorite artist, actor, athlete, politician or social media influencer.

This may be the reason why celebrities are taking more steps to keep their confidential information inaccessible to the public.

• Celebrity phone numbers are often registered under someone else's name, like their most trusted staff or closest family.

• Once their personal numbers have been disclosed and begins to get a lot of texts and calls from unknown numbers, famous people will automatically get another number, rather than getting through the trouble of blocking each anonymous caller.

• Whether it be for business or pleasure, they tell their clients, colleagues and acquaintances that they can be reached through their personal assistant or manager.

• The staff screens the text messages, calls, emails and private messages to ensure they are indeed important or urgent before relayed to the celebrity.

• Personal social media accounts, emails and contact numbers are always separate from their business accounts and phone numbers. Only the closest people to them know the private details.

• The people they work with or who work for them are often required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

• As much as they can, celebrities never use gadgets unless they own them personally.

• These individuals use a combination of alphabet, numbers and punctuations in their passwords that are hard to crack. They rarely use obvious words and phrases that are associated with their name or career.

• Recycling a password is a big no. There is a unique password for each account, a peculiar pass code for each device.

• Replacing existing pass codes and password with a new one is done regularly.

• 2-factor authentication is often preferred. A one-time code is sent to their personal numbers each time someone attempts to log in. This alone prompts them if someone is trying to access their accounts.

It would not be an issue if those that have gotten your number from reputable sites are polite and would respect if you refuse to answer. Regardless, like celebrities, you can keep your contact details safe too.

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