There are many different ways to hear the angels' messages. For this article, I would like to concentrate on the four principle ways that they communicate with us.

Clair Audience.

This is the ability to hear something inside your head that has not been spoken. If you can close your eyes and imagine the tune of your favourite song, then you are clair audient. People that are clair audient often receive messages as if someone was telling them the message.


This is the ability to see something behind your eyes. Close your eyes, and think about what your front door looks like- if you could see it with your eyes closed, you are clairvoyant. People that are clairvoyant often receive pictures and scenes as the message.

Clair Sentience.

This is the ability to feel something in your body or emotions and know that it is a message from the angels. Do you ever sense that someone is close to you or that spirit is around? It is this sense that clair sentients use to understand their messages.

Clair Cognizance

Clair cognizance is the ability to know something, and is slightly harder to describe. A clair cognizant will receive the message without hearing words, there is just a knowing, and a trust that the knowing you have is the message from the angels.

We all have all four of the clairs, but most people naturally are stronger in one or two of them. I am clair sentient and clairvoyant, and have very little clair audience and a little clair cognizance. However, any combination is possible, and it is possible to find exercises to improve those that are not your forte today. "How To Hear Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue has many suggestions for improving all four clairs.

Learning to know which of the messages you are receiving are from the angels in the beginning can be confusing. What you need to know is that any messages from God or the angels is loving, kind and compassionate, and anything else is most likely to be your ego. Any message that is critical, belittling, judgemental or cruel is most certainly not from above.

When many of us start on this path, we are so used to hearing the cruel voice in our heads that we talk to ourselves with, that it can be difficult to hear anything else. However, if you set the intention to be able to clearly hear their messages, and actively ignore your own contributions, then you are likely to succeed with some practice.

Being able to communicate with the angels is such a gift that I highly recommend that you learn if you want to! They bring peace, joy and love onto this planet and we all know we could do with their help right now.

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Written by Caroline Nettle.

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