Someone who actively seeks the calling of their heart, who deliberately steps forward with their clear intention and focus on joy, is more balanced, effective, happy and fulfilled then the millions who bump their way through life living in reaction to whatever comes their way.

There are some wonderful business coaches out there with processes and plans on how to grow your business, but what if you have no idea what you want to do?

How DO you find alignment with your heart's calling? You could just begin a whole new life adventure, building the blocks for success that are standard for every growing entrepreneur, but five years down the road you may find that you built the foundation on eroding soil... It is so much better to build once you can become clear on your own heart's calling, and begin the journey once you have found your solid ground.

Before I work with women that are going through transitions in life like career move, retirement, relocation, divorce, death of a loved one, we begin with the understanding that each of us holds the key to our happiness. We are the ones calling the shots for our life. There is no one else to blame, and no one whose permission we need in order to find what we came here to do. It is up to us if we want to live in a way that inspires us to reach for more, a way that feeds our soul.

One of the first things we do is to go through the process of gaining clarity from the heart on the direction that best aligns our life with joy and inspiration. Many of us know where we are, but we don't have a clue as to what we really want to do with our life. Many people who are "just to busy" can feel a lack of inspiration, and without that, we will never find the clear path!

Here are three questions that you can ask yourself:

Do I feel that I am living the life I came here to live?
Do I know how to find the direction that my heart is leading me towards?
Do I wake with inspiration and clarity on my path to more joy?

I have found that if I cannot answer yes to those questions, I need to stop and make time to readdress my clarity on the big plan. I could just stay "too busy" but then why would I want to waste another day?

What I have found over the years is that it's not just for those going through a transition, periodically we all need to realign our trajectory, and refocus on a life that allows us to bring forth more of who we came here to be.

Here are some critical steps that have made all the difference in living with intention, instead of our default of reaction to life.

Make the choice, and even better yet, the commitment, to dedicate the REST OF YOUR LIFE to being the best it can be! Don't put this off any longer. Invest in yourself as much as you do in your work and in your family with your heart and your time. You may feel like it's selfish, or you are just too busy, but when you learn to live from this place of truly Being (with a capital B), you will have more to give then you can ever imagine, time slows down and you begin to cherish more and more sacred moments.

Make it a priority to set the bar of your life at the calling of your purpose. Take the steps necessary to quiet your mind and tune into your heart's voice, and then set the bar from there. Not from where you are, not from what you think you might be able to change or do, but from the awareness in opening to the most fulfilling possibilities, allow yourself to open to Your life, and you will find your bliss.

If you don't know where you are going, you are never going to get there. For those who know about Abraham-Hicks or know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know that what we focus on - is what we create in our lives. Now, this can be very tricky - because we may think we are focusing on what we want, by seeing what isn't working, but this is THE KEY in moving forward and finding balance and joy in your life.

We can't focus ourselves away from something we don't want. Let me repeat that: We can't focus ourselves away from something we don't want. What that means is that if we focus on changing something we don't want instead of focusing on the experience of what we DO want, we just keep ourselves stuck in the same ole, same ole.

If you want something more in your life, focus yourself towards what you want through appreciation of the things you can appreciate now, and find comfort where you are as you reach for where you want to be! So many people tell me that they don't even know what they want, they just don't want to do what they have always done.

Well guess what, I've been there too, and if you feel like you are ready to open to the possibilities, that you are ready for a deeper and more fulfilling journey of life, then you are ready to learn how to expand the guidance that is always there for you.

Your inner compass. It will always be there to help you find and follow the path of your heart's calling, to create the life you KNOW you came here to live!

So, to recap the two critical steps that made all the difference in aligning your life with your joy:

Make the commitment, to dedicate the rest of your life to being the best you can be! Don't put this off any longer!
Make it a priority to find the clarity of to your heart's vision and set the bar from there, not from where you are, not from what you think you might be able to change or do, but from the awareness in opening to the calling of your heart, allow yourself to open to the possibilities.

Tuning in to our inner guidance and tuning up our lives is more valuable than we realize. This sense of personal awareness affects our daily outlook, our relationships, and our entire experience of life, including overall health and well-being.

When we learn how to align with the things that make our hearts sing, our lives begin to flow in the most joyous ways!

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Author's Bio: 

Barbara Alexander is President and Founder of The Sacred You Academy at Epona Ridge - a magical place where women have come for years to gain insight about their inner lives and seek a greater awareness of their hearts' true calling. Barbara serves as their mentor and guide as her retreat participants go through their individual journeys towards true happiness, joy and inner peace.

Barbara has worked with over a thousand people as a spiritual life and business coach, teaching transformational techniques that shift core energy awareness providing a more joyous life experience.

After many years of a successful career as a business executive, Barbara has dedicated her personal and professional life to mentoring women and men, in building their life as well as their business with a stronger foundation for wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

Barbara provides techniques for enhancing the mind/body connection, personal core energy awareness and personal empowerment. You will love the feelings of rejuvenation and inspiration that you experience at the Epona Ridge Retreats.