After you found out that your spouse cheated on you, how do you recover from an affair when you are struggling to eliminate all the negative thoughts and fighting with the images about the affair that are constantly appearing in your mind. The best way to recover after an affair is to seek for professional guidance and only together you can save your marriage.

So, how do you recover from an affair? Start recovery using these 3 steps:

Step #1 Exercise throughout the day by checking your thoughts and try to define what you are feeling at the moment you are thinking about the affair and the situation you and your spouse are in. First of all how do you recover from an affair when your inner dialogue may look like these:

"Why should I try saving our marriage when we will never could survive an affair."

"I will never be intimate with my spouse ever again because of all the images inside my mind."

"Maybe if I had been more attentive with my spouse and not so busy with my work, the affair would never happened."

The first thing you can do is to focus on one of your thoughts for now and then try to follow the next step.

Step #2 Think about your negative thoughts and tell yourself that you can change them. How do you recover from an affair when you are having all these negative thoughts? Maybe you tried to change your negative thoughts in more positive ones but you never succeed. The fact is that you can change them and recover from an affair but this process takes some time and you need to have patience and thinking in a more positive way will only improve your chances of surviving an affair.

Step #3 After you selected a negative thought and focused on it, now it's the moment when you actually replace that thought. For example how do you recover from an affair when you are thinking about your self-esteem after you found out about the affair? Try to replace this thought with one in which you were stronger and your self-esteem was high.

Try to remember the moments when your feelings were stable and your mind was clear and focus only on positive thoughts. For finding out more about how do you recover from an affair is recommended to talk about your relationship problems with a specialist.

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