Carpets are prone to suffer from damage with time. As the heavy use and dirt settlement kick in, carpets will wither. But out of all kinds of damages a carpet can face, water damage is the most damaging. Carpets can suffer water damage due to many reasons like flooding, roof leakage, heavy rainfall or accidental spills. Its highly suggested that you carry carpet water damage restoration asap. The water soaked in by the carpet can lead to contamination by many dangerous germs and pathogens. Any amount of moisture in the carpet will affect the strength and durability of carpet fibres. Causing them to break or become weak. Professional carpet cleaning services can be hired for carpet flood recovery and carpet water damage restoration as well. Professionals are equipped with all the required equipment and tools necessary for carpet flood damage restoration. Wet carpet cleaning is an essential job which must be carried out to prevent the collapse of the integrity of the carpet installation. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some information on how professionals carry out carpet water damage restoration. Keep reading below to know more about how carpet water damage restoration works.

How does Carpet Water Damage Restoration Work?

Assessing The Amount Of Water Damage:

The first main step towards carpet water damage restoration is to asses the amount of damage suffered by the carpet. Professionals will carefully look into the water soaked in by the carpet before starting any kind of restoration. Assessing the situation helps in planning the restoration service.

Carpet Water Extraction:

Carpet water extraction is the most essential step towards any kind of carpet water damage restoration. Professionals can utilise industrially graded machinery to remove all the water-soaked in by the carpet. The pressurised air is also made to move in and out which helps in complete removal of moisture and further reduces the risk of mould and algae growth.

Carpet Sanitization and Decontamination:

After getting rid of all the water and moisture from the carpet it is also important to sanitise and decontaminate it. Dirty water can bring along many kinds of germs and pathogens and contaminate the carpet. Professionals will utilise various commercial disinfectants and sanitisers to get rid of those germs. Carpet sanitisation will also prevent the exposure of germs and pathogens to your family.

Carpet Deodorizing:

Depending upon the source of water damage, your carpet can start to stink. Dirty water from the sewage is the most common source of the odour, also some bacteria will cause your carpet to stink. Professionals can carry out carpet deodorisation effectively. Many kinds of commercial products and natural deodorisers are used to remove bad odours and to add fragrance to the carpet.

Wet Carpet Drying

Wet carpet drying is the last and very important step in professional carpet water damage restoration. Even after removing all the excess of water, a carpet can still sustain some moisture. Professionals can be using heavy-duty fans and commercial dehumidifiers to fasten up the carpet drying process.

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