What is mindfulness, and how is it relevant to achieving a successful academic and personal life? Simply put, being mindful means placing your awareness on your mind and your body. You render full attention to your thoughts as well as your movements.

This concept of mindfulness is particularly helpful during exam time. After all, being mindful brings a host of benefits to one’s mental health. How does mindfulness boost your mental capacity, which in turn benefits your exam performance?

It improves your focus and alleviates stress. Numerous studies have concluded that mindfulness helps improve focus and ward off distractions. It’s basically because when you are mindful, you rest your full attention to what you are doing at the present. You become conscious of your mental state- what your thoughts, feelings and movements are. The semester is ending, and it’s usually a worrisome time. You could be anxious about your coming exams, grades, assessments and so on. That’s understandable. However, being mindful isn’t about ignoring or pushing these thoughts down. Instead, what you do is you acknowledge them. You become non-judgmental of your thought processes, and this reduces your stress and boosts your focus.

It enhances your working memory. Your working memory is the ability of your mind to retain and process information on a short-term basis. This plays a crucial role when you are studying and considering new information. You might have that experience when you’re cramming and tackling your uni notes, but when you finally get to the bottom of the page, you simply forgot everything. That’s your working memory failing you because you are stressed. Then again, you can combat this by practicing mindfulness because Science has proven that it can boost your working memory. Mindfulness meditation allows you to study more effectively.

It promotes better sleep. Red Bull and coffee are especially in-demand when exam time is nearing. Caffeine is a stimulant, and combined with stress, it can be detrimental to one’s sleeping habits. Dependence on caffeine results to an energy-draining cycle. This can be counteracted by mindfulness meditation wherein you focus on your breathing and in relaxing your muscles. It induces a restful state that makes it easier for you to doze off. Being mindful relegates your daily stresses, consequently appeasing your lingering worries during bedtime.

It helps overcome anxiety and depression. Various researches about mindfulness have indicated that those practicing it experience a decrease of symptoms of anxiety and depression. It bolsters their resilience and at the same time expels negative thinking patterns. Mental health issues tend to be exacerbated during exam time. That’s why it is important for students to inculcate a positive attitude during this period, and this can be instigated by practicing mindfulness.

It helps induce relaxation. You might have the tendency to cram when studying for your exams. Be wary because it predilects you to a burnout. When you’re busy studying, you should also take time to relax and de-stress. Mindfulness meditation is helpful in this sense because it draws your attention away from whatever worries as it prompts you to ponder on them in a healthier way.

How Do You Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Other than joining a meditation or Yoga class, you can virtually practice mindfulness meditation everywhere, including your bedroom, the park, or even the train-as long as you have some space. There are diverse ways of doing it, such as through mindful breathing or progressive muscle relaxation. You might have a difficult time focusing as a beginner, but you’ll get better with practice. Investing a few minutes every day to practicing mindfulness meditation can bring about a plethora of health benefits that you’ll truly appreciate as a student, as a learner, and as a warrior against stress.

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