There are 15 reasons to pray to Mother Mary; in explanation they are the fifteen promises made by Mother Mary to Christians who recite the Rosary and I am going to talk about the second promise in this article.

(Given to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan. Imprimatur. +Patrick J. Hays, D.D. Archbishop of New York found in the “Handbook of Devotion to Divine Mercy”)

2. I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.

I find this promise especially exciting as we live our lives wondering if we really do have protection from those who can protect us best! By that I mean, the beings who know the “big picture” of our lives and who can best protect us from ourselves and our environment.

Testimony to Praying the Rosary:
I have a friend who was very close to her mother. Her father was far from supportive of her so her mother took special care to be there for her in her life. They had a lot of fun together and her mother made sure to teach her about Jesus and His life. When my friend was in her 30’s, her mother suddenly passed away from a heart attack. My friend, Sally, (not her real name) was devastated. She also had recently lost her brother to a heart attack which then meant she had double the grief. Sally was Catholic and attended Catholic mass even though she was raised in the Protestant religion. She knew a little about the Rosary, but she didn’t own one and she did not pray the Rosary. One day she was praying to Jesus about her intense longing for her mother when the room became filled with a mist. She looked up and saw her mother and Mother Mary standing in the room with her. Sally said they were about 3 feet above the floor, floating in the room. They both were wearing a shawl over their heads like you see Mother Mary wearing in pictures. Sally’s mother said that they were there to implore Sally to pray the Rosary every day and this would ease her pain. She assured Sally that she was happy and as Sally could see, she was spending her time with Mother Mary. They then disappeared as fast as they appeared. Sally was amazed and comforted. She went out that day to buy a Rosary and now she prays the Rosary every day.

So, back to our second promise made by Mother Mary. She offers special protection to those who pray the Rosary. In this true story about Sally, she and I feel that the actual presence of Mother Mary in her room was the reality of special protection from her intense grief and loneliness. Praying the Rosary has been a constant gentle reminder of the love from Mother Mary and her own mother which sustains her through her life.

If you don’t have a Rosary, make sure to buy one, Catholic or not, and learn to pray the Rosary and do it every day! I promise you will be glad you did!

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~ Sandra Anderson ~

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From My Heart Rosaries is a dream I’ve had for several years. I have been making rosaries for about 7 years and it has been a beautiful journey. There was a lot to learn about the many gemstones, crystals, types of pearls, types of chain and wire, and so on and so on. I am still learning more every day! In reality it is my desire to help others in their prayer life so making rosaries was a natural step for me. As a child, to keep me busy while she sewed, my Mom had me stringing buttons to make a necklace that I wore for a few days and then re-strung it to make it different for another day. My Mom passed over twenty years ago, but I still have the antique tin full of buttons that I played with when I was little. I love the idea that rosaries keep you focused on your prayers and that they connect you with Mary and Jesus. When I pray the rosary, my brain becomes quieter and more peaceful and I feel a loving energy around me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and to browse through the rosaries that I have completed and are ready for your purchase. I do make custom-ordered rosaries with all the materials and beads that your heart desires.