How Evening Routines Affect Morning Productivity

Morning routines are important. It’s a way for you to start your day on a good note, and maximize productivity. And people usually talk about them, you can find thousands of articles describing the best way to start your morning, but no one really speaks about the best way to end your day.

Evening routines help you unwind and prepare for a good night of sleep. And a good night of sleep is essential for the start of your day. In this article, we are talking about evening routines, and what are 4 things you can do to start your mornings motivated and filled with enthusiasm.


At the end of the day you usually think about what happened, what you need to do tomorrow, and what could have gone better. Try taking this a step further by writing everything down. Start writing a journal in which you would reflect on the day.

Write down what you’ve accomplished. Was there anything that you didn’t do well? Write about that too. Additionally, you can put on paper which steps you could have taken to avoid such pitfalls. This will help you put the day behind you, but also prepare for what’s coming tomorrow.

You can analyses the work you’ve done throughout the day by using a computer monitoring software which can tell you how much time you spent on each task or a project.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Prepare a list of goals and tasks before you go to bed. This way you can avoid running around in the morning trying to remember everything. Leave the most challenging tasks for the most productive part of your day.

Writing down daily tasks and priorities will help your brain understand you are well prepared for tomorrow. Our subconscious works in mysterious way, and you could end up waking up with fresh ideas that will help you tackle down your challenges.

Tidy Up

Spending 10 to 20 minutes to wash the dishes and put the clothes in the washing machine or a closet goes a long way. Waking up and seeing there’s nothing to do around the house will help you get your day started in a nice way. This way, you can also avoid spending a whole weekend cleaning your house.

Doing these little things around the house can give you a sense of accomplishment, and you will feel motivated to keep doing other tasks. As FlyLady says – if there’s nothing to do shine your sink!

Clear Your Mind

Are you one of those people who goes to bed thinking about work? We’ve all been there, and we all know that’s not good.

Unwinding before bed helps you shut down quicker and sleep better. What you do to relax really depends on you, but here are some ideas:

  • Sleep meditation helps you prepare your body for a night of resting. It lowers the volume of your mind, and the body slowly follows.
  • Reading a book can put you to sleep easily and quickly. Just try not to read any tough stories, the lighter the better.
  • Watching a TV show/movie can help you clear your thoughts from work. Try not to watch anything upsetting, but rather go for a light comedy.
  • Talking with friends and family, or playing with your kids or pets has a therapeutical effect. Be careful not to talk about work though.
  • Taking a walk around the neighborhood can give you time to reflect on your day and clear your thoughts before you get ready to go to bed.

The goal of any of these is to do something completely unrelated to your job, so select an activity that really puts your mind somewhere else and shifts your focus from daily work-related issues.

In Conclusion

Building a routine is not simple. It takes dedication and discipline. However, routines turn into great habits the more you do them. They also become a lot easier as the time goes by. You might find it tiresome in the beginning, but try going through the hard period knowing there’s something great waiting for you at the end of that road.

If it would help you, try writing a time table or sort of a checklist you can go through every evening.

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Kishan Rana is a seo executive and seo expert.