The internet marketer will encounter many obstacles when working online but none no more formidable than frustration! When building your business maintaining a positive attitude is a necessity because when faced with challenges your mindset can not afford to be infected with self doubt! Doubting yourself in any way will only serve to help you lose focus making everything you do more difficult and dramatically reducing your productivity! In this way frustration, the 'silent dream killer' can initiate the infection that eventually leads to the culminating feelings self doubt that cause you to quit!

Here's a look at 3 ways the 'seed' of frustration can take hold causing you to lose focus of not only your goals but your dreams as well!

Increases Errors

Being frustration is a very emotionally 'charged' feeling it can easily knock you off track disrupting your concentration which leads to errors! Once you lose focus your energies are now not as effective which obviously makes you more frustrated and possibly even desperate to get back on track! This simply opens the door to more mistakes and more time to fix them which also shows very little in terms of bottom line results! Ugh! Working efficiently is now out the window while your frustrating feelings begin to mushroom and your productivity continues to plummet! Your self doubt mounts and you are not in a good position to build an online business!

Builds Momentum

Game on in terms of you're now more focused on battling your self doubt than actually developing an income online! How the hell did this happen? You started out by building your business and now your battling your demons! Yes momentum has taken a turn and not in your favor but it is in your control to rediscover the necessary focus you need to continue building your business! Being you're dealing with emotions taking control will take some discipline but if your goals are strong enough finding discipline should not be a major issue!

Deflates Motivation

Unaddressed or unacknowledged frustration can 'eliminate' any chances you may have to be successful marketing online! The feeling of 'what's the point' begins to take hold and once again if you lose focus of anything you're trying to achieve, how the heck do you expect to do so! Negative results and a decrease in your motivation simply leads to a lack of enthusiasm to expend any more effort! If you allow it frustration will render you without any motivation what so ever!

As an internet marketer it is vitally important to keeps tabs on the level of frustration you may experience! Allowing this emotion to take hold can easily cause you to lose focus and opens the door to self doubt in the 3 ways discussed above! When building your business online you need to be absolutely committed to what you are doing in order to get the best results from your own efforts! Allowing your frustrations to take seed and transform into self doubt will only serve to sabotage your dreams! Recognize and accept that not everything will go as planned so that when set backs do occur you will be open to learning and not discouragement!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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