“How hard is the GED test?”, you might be wondering as you aspire to pass it. You and anyone else can earn a GED diploma. However, putting in the effort is necessary. With an effective and sufficient test prep, you shouldn’t find the GED to be that difficult.

What Comprises The GED Test?

There are 4 subject areas in the GED test, and they are Science, Math, Social Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts. An extended response item is also included that will require you to answer 2 writing prompts. Normally, candidates take the GED test one at a time, especially as taking all four tests at one time will take a long and arduous 7.5 hours.

“Rigorous” may be the right word to describe the GED test. Its content had been designed to adhere to the current academic standards of high school. The GED Testing Service attests that passing the GED test entails the same difficulty level as passing today’s high schools. In fact, statistics say that if current graduates of high school were to take the GED test, only 60% are bound to pass!

Is The GED Hard?

Comparing the GED test to high school exams, you’ll find that the GED is seemingly more difficult. In it, you don’t just apply memorization of details and facts, but critical thinking. It goes beyond asking “yes” or “no” questions. How do you relate one concept to another? You likewise have to know how to infer and analyze given data. High order thinking skills such as these tend to be very challenging to many students.

Then again, it is possible to ace the GED test. It doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to sufficiently prepare and practice for it. One of the most effectual methods is to take online GED practice tests. They will familiarize you to the format of the actual test. It is a helpful way to assess your skills and knowledge, too. What subject areas are your strong and weak points? These, you will decipher, consequently guiding you about what topics you should spend more time studying on.

How do you make use of online GED practice tests in your test prep?

• What skills do you need to work on? Make a checklist. Consistently look over your list so that you can track your progress and employ improvements.

• Create a workable test prep schedule. What times and study days work best for you? An effectual timetable would be to study for 90 minutes for 1 or 2 sessions a day.

• Utilize effective test prep materials. You can look for books in your local library or search for good quality online GED study guides, particularly choose those that provide online GED classes, practice tests and valuable test-taking information. Although numerous of these are free, you can likewise opt for paid programs offered by your local GED testing websites.

• Keep yourself motivated. Studying can become tedious sometimes. Look for ways to make your studying fun to ward off boredom.

What Is The GED Passing Score?

You do not get an overall cumulative score in the GED test. Test-takers should pass each GED subject area test individually with a score of at least 145 to 200 at most. Passing scores in the GED test indicate different levels of college-readiness. The higher your score, the more academic and career options become accessible to you in the future.

145- 164 GED Passing Score: High School Equivalency Level. Indicates that your skill set is similar to that of a high school senior graduate.

165- 174 College Ready Score: Indicates that you are ready to take college-level courses. You may be exempted to take particular placement tests or some college remedial courses.

175- 200 College Ready + Credit Score: Indicates that you have demonstrative capabilities that are instructed in certain college level courses. You can be eligible to obtain college credits.

The question “how hard is the GED test?” is thus synonymous with that of “how prepared are you for the GED?” Various options are available to you for an efficient and effective test prep. Go for those that are most apt and appropriate to you, according to your academic needs and capacity.

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