Instant gratification is a very common attitude that's prevalent in our society today! Now how that attitude can actually sabotage the success of entrepreneurs online today is the topic of our discussion below! The attitude of "I want what I want and I want it NOW' does not transition over well to working online since time and patience are almost always required!

Here's 5 reasons why expecting to always be instantly gratified can work against you putting you right on the path to online business failure!


Lacking patience is a natural by-product of the attitude wanting what you want and wanting it right NOW! This tends to block out the 'big picture' which of course includes any attempts at planning or any due diligence required to make your efforts more effective and productive! Remember, all good things come to those who wait or are at least willing to do so along with putting in a little effort to 'help' things along!

Always Changing Direction

The perfect recipe for business failure is by NOT following through on plans or strategies you may have taken the time to develop! People lacking the time and patience such as those always expecting to be gratified immediately for their efforts typically change their goals or direction quite frequently! Like planting a seed, your own efforts and plans MUST be given the time to 'germinate' and if you're not willing to wait but choose rather to try something new your efforts will never produce fruit!

Poor Work Quality

The success of entrepreneurs quite often comes as a result of their ability to stay focused and maintain the resolve needed to make thing happen! These people are not easily discouraged and view setbacks of any kind as lessons or even new opportunities! In short the successful entrepreneur has never met a challenge they won't embrace unless they identify it as a losing cause!

Frustration Comes Often and Quickly

Quite simply if you're not willing to work through any mistakes or challenges you're likely to become frustrated, and very quickly! This is a big factor that compels impatient people to try something new which usually results in a trail of 'failed' attempts which ultimately leads to folks just giving up! It is at this point, when you actually decide to quit, that you fail! Unfortunately the only one you let down is yourself! As stated above the success of entrepreneurs is largely due to their 'bulldog' determination and willingness to address unexpected challenges to reach their goals!

Problem Solving – Forget About It!

By virtue of the fact that people expecting to be gratified quickly and with little effort also tend to be impatient which limits their ability to solve problems! In fact problems are viewed as something they need to distance themselves from and not something to work on and solve! When this attitude is held by someone trying to work successfully online the only expectations they should have is business failure! Problems and setbacks are a natural part of most businesses and learning from them increases your chances of success and reduces your chances of duplicating the same mistakes! In many cases problems or glitches that arise can often be turned into opportunities but time and patience is required to do so!

Possessing the attitude of instant gratification is well and good provided you're willing to work to get what you want! For most people however this is not the case which lead to the discussion above about how this attitude sets people up for business failure online! The success of entrepreneurs tends to be based upon not only a great idea but also the willingness to invest the time and patience to make the idea a reality! As the 5 points touched upon here today indicate if you don't posses the time and patience it takes to succeed online the only reality you'll experience is business failure!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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