Loss causes us to ask the tough questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? It sends us on a journey of self exploration and discovery. It causes us to question the nature of reality. Who we thought we were is no longer. All that we knew to be true, all of our assumptions about life, are tossed into the air where they float in the void of the unknown, then re-organize and create a new picture…a picture of beauty, richness, color and texture.
During this time of self exploration and seeking for answers, we long to connect to our loved one who has departed. We desperately miss their physical presence, but on some level, we know they are still alive and can develop a spiritual relationship that transcends the physical one we once had.
The spiritual doesn’t take the place of the physical nor does it take away from our grief, but it does open us up to experiencing a new dimension, one that perhaps we were unfamiliar with before their death…the dimension of the spiritual realm, where infinite love, source energy, and higher intelligence dwells.
Because our loved one dwells in this place, a part of us dwells with them there. A part of us is capable of experiencing moments of connection to unconditional love, light and joy…moments of Heaven.
This opening creates within us the awareness of our own immortality, of our own infinite essence of love and light. It creates an opportunity for us to awaken to who we really are as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. The answer to the question, “Who am I and why am I here?” becomes more clear.
When I initially work with clients, their grief often blocks them from making this connection, although they long for it. After working through their grief and all of the complicated emotions that coincide with it such as anger, guilt, resentment, and confusion, and they come to a place of forgiveness, surrender and acceptance, they are better able to connect. They are better able to open their hearts to receiving guidance, support, and love from the person who has departed. A new relationship is then developed that transcends time and space.
As we allow ourselves to grieve, we open a space for new possibilities and life to emerge. Grieving then becomes a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

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Karen is an intuitive grief coach who has helped hundreds of people to transform their grief and live life more fully. For more information about Karen and her upcoming on-line workshop, Grieving: a Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening, click here: www.permission2grieve.com