You might not be aware of it yet but marijuana kills cancer cells. Several studies have shown that the cannabinoids, which are the active compounds found in this herb, prevent cancer from growing and spreading. In fact, experts are saying that it even kills tumor cells. Are you not convinced yet? Read on as we look into four reasons cannabis stops cancer from spreading.

1. Marijuana is anti-proliferative. Why are cancer cells so problematic? They will not stop growing. Once a malignant tumor starts, cancer cells will continue growing a spreading – a process called proliferation. The active compounds in cannabis are anti-proliferative and can inhibit cell proliferation in lung, prostate and breast cancers. This is also believed to be applicable to other types of cancers and even to other medical conditions.

2. Marijuana is anti-metastatic. Cancer cells become metastatic when they move from one part of the body to another. They travel via the blood or lymphatic system and continue to grow and multiply in their new home. New research has shown that cannabinoids are able to top metastasis. There are more than 12 studies showing evidence that marijuana offers protection against metastatic cancer, and it appears that we can expect more in the future.

3. Marijuana is anti-angiogenesis. A tumor needs blood to survive, taking all the blood they need through a process called angiogenesis. This process allows tumors to grow their own blood vessels, enabling them to grow bigger and bigger until they impeded the body’s normal function. A study has shown that cannabis weakens the ability of the tumor to develop new blood vessels, thus preventing them from growing and proliferating.

4. Marijuana aids in apoptosis. Cannabis can stop cancer cells from spreading, slow their grown and cut their blood supply, but can it kill them? Studies have shown that it can. Recent research has shown that CBD causes brain tumor cells to kill themselves, a natural phenomenon that helps maintain the health of the cells known as apoptosis. Cancer cells are able to evade apoptosis, but cannabis is able to trigger it in them.

All the study results stated above offers profound implications on what the future holds for cancer treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy are currently the go-to routes for cancer treatment, but these can be very expensive and have long-term side effects. In the near future, we might see marijuana medicines combined into cancer treatment plans.

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