You must have to clear QuickBooks 1- 801-938-3241 online exam to become online QuickBooks certified. The merit of this test testifies that you are a great QuickBooks online user. Except this, there are many other benefits of getting QuickBooks online certified.

Benefits of getting QuickBooks online certified
It proves that you are an expert
It helps you to achieve new customers as well as clients
This boosts your self-confidence
Types of Certification
QuickBooks online has 2 types of certificates-

QuickBooks Online Certification
QuickBooks Online Certification - Screenshot
Least used services to serve clients better
Learn sales and purchase as well as payment management
Learn about reporting and resolution
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QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification
QuickBooks Online Certification - Screenshot
Learn high-end knowledge to provide the best service available
Problem troubleshooting and advanced
Manage complex and typical dialogues
Understand more advanced features of QuickBooks online
Final Cost to Become a Intuit QuickBooks Certified User
The registration fee of QuickBooks online is 149 dollar. The fee is exclusive of the invigilation fee at the exam center.

NOTE: Online Exam’s duration is 2 hours. A person has only 4 attempts to clear the whole exam. Minimum merit is 80% to clear the exam.

We hope that the now you have enough knowledge regarding this topic and if you still have any problems related to QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop software then feel free to seek help from QuickBooks Online Support team by dialing our helpline at 1- 801-938-3241.

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