Before answering the question "How much exercise is needed to lose weight?", We must consider 3 things:

Exercise, while it can be helpful to help you lose weight, is the least effective way to lose weight.

The reason is that the cause of obesity is the food that is eaten more than anything else.

The amount of exercise required to overcome this situation in most overweight people is a huge amount of exercise, more than what most people are willing to do, and especially more than what most overweight people are willing or able to do. to do.

Therefore, as great as exercise can be, I would not rely on it as the primary remedy for weight loss.

While exercise is the least effective way to lose weight, eating the right kind of food is the most effective way to lose weight and is healthy at the same time.

Many people have lost weight on a healthy whole food healthy diet without changing their exercise program at all, even without exercising at all.

One of the questions to ask when deciding what to eat to lose weight and be in good health is, "How many ingredients are there in this food?"

If the answer is "One", it is typically a pretty good food to eat. This will include things like meat, vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes and other whole foods.

Stay away from any kind of sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup which is in so many processed foods and sodas for example.

Also, stay away from grains that turn into sugar when you digest them.

Exercise helps with weight loss for a few reasons.

The right forms of exercise can improve your metabolism and make you naturally burn more calories.

Exercises such as muscle building exercises, such as push ups or lifting weights, can increase your lean muscle mass and strength and thereby improve your metabolism.

Another reason why exercise can help with your weight loss is that it improves your overall health.

This can help you maintain a good lifestyle diet instead of making you seek out the wrong kinds of foods that are causing your obesity.

So when we answer the question, "How much exercise does it take to lose weight?", We have to say, "Any exercise will help, but do not rely on it primarily as your means to take those pounds off."

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Exercise, while it can be helpful to help you lose weight, is the least effective way to lose weight.