It has been said that women are less likely to cheat but when they do, the affair can be really serious and intense. That’s because when a woman cheats on her husband, she is likely to have an emotional affair rather than a fleeting one night stand. And because of this emotional intimacy based extramarital relationship, the cheating wife is more likely to consider leaving her husband.

One woman shares her story about almost leaving her husband of ten years for another man. Learn how she saved her marriage and how she fell in love with her husband again.

“The year 2007 was a tough year for my marriage. This was also the same year I met Tim, my lover for nearly three years.

He was also married with two children. And just like me, he was also looking for a breather from his stifling marriage.

Initially, I thought that extramarital affair helped improve my marriage. I demanded less from my husband, I never bicker, I never argue. I just couldn’t care less, if my husband was unavailable, I could always call on Tim.

The affair didn’t feel wrong. I never felt guilty. There was a point where I secretly consulted a lawyer friend about divorce. ‘Life is short...,’ I said. I was never ashamed of it. I even introduced him to some of my closest friends. With the pampering, the attention and the abundance of sex, I felt beautiful and sexy.

Everything was going my way. I was happy… until the clandestine relationship became too complicated. It became more chaotic than my marriage. He became distrustful and I became very jealous. The fun disappeared.

We tried holding on to our extramarital relationship, but it became worst everyday. It was a slow and painful process, but I decided to let go.

I still think of him sometimes. I even tried calling him, but never did. It’s not worth it anymore. It feels good not being a “cheating wife.” I feel clean and decent. Being out of the affair made me feel good about myself.

But the big factor that made me refuse from even looking back to my double-life was the attention my husband showed. He gave me and my children a home, he made sure the bills are paid on time, the groceries are plentiful, and the children’s school expenses are well provided. He also made sure that we are safe and secure. That nobody would dare harm us or take advantage of us. But it was my husband’s decision to prioritize us that made a huge influence to never again become a cheating wife. His decision to provide, protect and prioritize made me appreciate him more. And from that, more pleasant things followed- the sex becomes an experience, we communicate better and we are having fun again.

I can’t believe that I cheated on my husband. I regret being a cheating wife. If I could turn back the time, I would never allow myself to get involve with another man.

I believe that when a husband learns to provide, protect and prioritize, his wife will never ever consider having an affair. Or if you want to get your wife back from infidelity, this is the good way to do it.

Now, only one question remains… should I confess to my husband and come clean?

I don’t know yet… what do you think?”

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