Here I give you details of how the power of mediumship came to one particular individual based in her own words. There was no big explosion or special event. One night while I was praying “They” simply showed up and “tuned in” my nervous system. This 15 minute experience left me completely and extremely aware of Spirit and energy. I quickly found the Arthur Findlay College in England, the world’s foremost college for the psychic sciences, where I was was taught how to interpret the communications. I am able to bring forth evidence to the living that our souls retain their personalities, survive the change called death, and that our loving relationships with those who have passed are not gone or over. While I do not associate myself with any religion, I have a very strong belief in the power of prayer, right thinking and God. I believe this ability was given to me by the Divine to use for the benefit of others. By reconnecting you with your loved ones, I am able to facilitate the healing that comes from fixing past hurts, not being able to say goodbye, or simply reassuring you that you are not alone on this often bumpy journey of life.

There is a moment in each reading when this becomes very real, when the evidence is so accurate and conclusive, that you will be forever changed. Your heart opens up to all the possibilities of creating happiness now and enjoying eternal loving relationships. While I never had any strong desire to connect with my loved ones in Spirit, I clearly remember the moment this all became “real” for me. I received an evidential message from a Medium in England, a complete stranger who brought through a message from a friend’s relative for me. It was accurate, poignant, and important to me. It proved to me, without a doubt, that we do not die or stop loving and caring for our families when we no longer have a body. This is big news, probably the most important thing I will ever learn on this earth. Like I stated before, it opens the door to a whole new life full of possibilities and love, and it tunes you in to the single most important thing in the Universe and all of life. Love.

Obviously this opened up the doors of exploration and i then looked into what actually happens when we pass to the other side. The spirit realms are as real as anything here in the physical world. There are differing levels that people who change during the change called death into their spirit form depending on how they lived their lives on the earth plane, so like for like spirits dwell together. The most important thing to know is that there are ‘things to do’ and levels of growth to achieve in spirit. The best way to do is is through what is known as service, which boils down to giving help and assistance to other spirit people in order to develop them, it is in essence giving love and this is the key to your own growth whilst there.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master

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